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Thanks Joe. You can read all the warnings about overtraining but unfortunately it's often not until you experience it that you understand why you need to be careful. While I don't think I was strictly overtrained I did try to do more than my body could handle when I was ill which made me more ill... I'm finding it hard to distinguish between what happened to me and overtraining. I can only hope a slower return to training will allow me to stay well. It's has also made me think more about having a coach again so they can hold me back when I want to do something silly!
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Hi Joe, I've had an 'interesting' season. In April I podiumed for the first time in a 10hr MTB race i'd been doing for years. After the race I got ill. I put it down to it just being a cold. 4 weeks after the race I had a 7 hour race where I podiumed again. After that race I got ill again and though I'd just got another cold. However, every time I felt better I went back to hard training and got ill. This happened a few times before I spent 3 weeks with unrelenting fatigue and unable to train. I got blood tests and it showed positive for all 3 markers of Epstein-Barr Virus (mononucleosis). When I got better I stupidly went out on a 5 hour training ride and have now been suffering flu like symptoms for 2 weeks. I think I actually caught a cold from my 4 year old son on top of the mononucleosis. I'm now waiting to get better so I can gradually build up my training. Initially I think I'll give it a month before I get back to proper training but my chances of doing that well at WEMBO 24hr (if I take part) in October are gone I think. For me it's a big lesson in listening to your body and coming back slowly from illness.
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Hey Joe, I totally agree with the importance of sleep for recovery. I have struggled with sleep for years and have learned the most important thing for me is relaxing in bed, whether I sleep or not. Getting stressed about not sleeping just leads to more pronounced sleep issues. I found 'The Sleep Book' by Dr Guy Meadows very enlightening. I tried sleep monitors but found that they only really told me what I already knew, by being aware of how I feel. I also found the use of technology just before sleep hindered relaxation before sleep. I think such monitors might actually be more useful for coaches to see how their athletes may be recovering than for the athletes themselves (or use 'Metrics' on TP) but each to their own.
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Thanks you Joe, As with most amateur athletes my main issue is having enough time to do enough AE to rise TSS. As suggested I will do AE, MF and add some ME for the first 3-4 weeks. I tried an MF workout yesterday (total of 9 reps). I didn't find it that taxing so I think I can add some ME in without overdoing it. I guess the challenge will be to keep the power right in my workouts so I am getting maximum benefit from them. I have a good FTP but my main lesson from the 24hr race was that I may need to improve my AE engine (although I think it may be dangerous to conclude too much from a 24hr race as there are so many variables).
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2017 on Base 1 Training, Part 1 at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, I just completed a 24 hour MTB race 11 days ago and am now looking towards my next A race (a 10 hour MTB race at Fort William) in 20 weeks time. I am reading (& re-reading) your book on power training. As there are no specific plans in your book for MTBing I am using the Century Rider plans as a template, while adding more race specific stuff to my build period. My concern is that the early Base period consists of Aerobic Endurance and Muscular Force workouts. I am worried that these workouts will not produce enough TSS and I will lose fitness. I generally don't have an 'off-season' so is it still important to start with 'early' Base training or can I start with the Muscular Endurance workouts of the 'late' Base period? Saying all this I have no experience of Muscular Force workouts and I may be underestimating their impact and importance.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2017 on Base 1 Training, Part 1 at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, after reading a few good articles on 80/20 training I've been convinced to try it. I'm doing about 20% (2.8hours) above FTP and the rest (11.2hours) at a maximum of top of Z1 HR. I've been training at an elite level for a couple of years but I'm actually finding this quite tough, although doable. The hardest thing for me to accept is that my TSS has considerably reduced, I'd say by about 25%. Should I be concerned by this reduction? I train for ultra-endurance mtb races.
Toggle Commented Jun 7, 2017 on Low-Intensity Training at Joe Friel
Thanks Joe, I guess there will be few 30 second all out blasts during an 11 hour effort! I was just so inspired by the Lillyhammer interval report I wanted to experiment on myself. I have a lot to learn about training plan design (Training Peaks is helping) and intervals so everything is an experiment at the moment. I think I will now move on to 5/10/20min intervals that reflect some of the climbs I will encounter on race day. Last year I was one place off podium and I feel a lot stronger this season.The proof will be in the pudding (racing)!
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2017 on High-Intensity Interval Duration at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, I'm 40yo and training for a 11 hour MTB race late next month. I've been doing the 30/15 intervals as described and pleased to be coping with them and I'm seeing big improvements. You mention that for ultra-endurance athletes it may be best to do them in Base 3 but I am doing them during my Build phase. Can you explain exactly why it may be bad to do them so close to a race? Also, do you think I could maintain the power gains by doing longer, more race specific intervals of 5-20min for a few weeks?
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