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Kyle's Mom--I've been giving my son Behavior Balance (he will be 16 later this month), that has B6, B9, and B12. I've noticed his language improving. Pronouns are coming along--instead of referring to himself in the third person, he's referring to himself as "I" and "me" more.
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My son, born December 2001, is on the spectrum. It wasn't until he was 4 that I came upon information about the vaccine/autism link. My husband and I gave him cilantro and chlorella and after a couple of weeks he was trying to talk again. At any rate, my son was about to start school and he needed a physical. You know what that means, people--vaccine-pushing. I was ready, though. I went to the CDC web site, got the vaccine ingredients list, and printed it out and we took it with us. The minute I announced we were no longer vaccinating, the first words out of that doctor's mouth were, "Anyone can put anything on the Internet." I handed him the paper I'd printed out--with some of the ingredients underlined for emphasis--and said "I got this off the CDC site, and THIS is why we're no longer vaccinating." We got no further argument.
Another thing vaccine pushers claim: We're selfish because we rely on herd immunity to protect our kids instead of getting them vaccinated. Honestly, if vaccines actually did work and had NO side effects, I would consider it no great effort to cart my son to the doctor's office for another round. And people like that totally miss the point--a lot of us don't vaccinate (or have stopped) because we've found out that they do NOT work, that vaccination is nothing short of quackery. Not vaccinating is far healthier than treating them as pincushions. My son hasn't had a vaccine since he was 2. I think we kept him from going further down the autism rabbit hole by not vaccinating him at 5, then at 12. In fact I still believe we're pulling him further and further out. One thing I've been doing is giving him Behavior Balance (find it here, you can get it in liquid form too: ). This works for my 15-year-old son. I have had people tell me that his speech and language have been picking up and he makes more sense, he's starting to talk in sentences more, and he's having fewer meltdowns because now he is TELLING me if he's upset rather than throwing a tantrum. I think I'm able to better communicate with him.
Get this: Most adults are not "up-to-date" on "our" vaccines. Yet the outbreaks are primarily among kids, most of whom were vaccinated. The last vaccine I got was in 2001 for tetanus, it was required if I was to have this surgery on my ankle (looking back I should've done neither) and a couple months later my son was conceived. I sometimes wonder if this didn't affect him somehow, or contribute.
God created man--and his immune system. Personally I think vaccines are man's attempt at "improving" on what God created. The Bible also talks about your body being a temple. We need to take care of our bodies same as we take care of buildings, and vaccines are damaging.
Now AS has their hand out at Dollar General. "Would you like to give a dollar?" Um, NO. I had a developmental pediatrician tell me my son (then a preschooler) treated people like furniture, then she said we'd want to look at medication down the road. I said "I'm not going down that road." I found ways of detoxing him. He was potty-trained at 3, thankfully--he just decided one day he was going to do it himself. Never wet the bed as a child, either. His language is improving. He seems to show empathy. And I refuse to medicate him for behavior.
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angusphiles--I learned how to drive in 1990 and we used cars with automatic transmission. Detroit area. I learned how to drive manual in 1992.
I think RFK Jr. has a grandchild or two on the spectrum. I'm against vaccines, full-stop. I think it belongs in the realm of "quack medicine."
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Whyser, instead of provaxxer, I use the term vaccine-pusher. :) Because that's what they do, push them on people. It infuriates me, what these people do, and meanwhile our children are paying the price. I have a son who's highly intelligent yet he seems babyish thanks to vaccines. His seems to be a combination of PDD-NOS and Asperger's. I'm bound and determined to help him improve any way I can. I want my son to be able to have a relatively normal life--and it's a big "screw you" to the vaccine pushers.
My son is 15, here in Ohio kids can start learning at 15 1/2 (in my son's case that would be June, since his birthday is in December). My son is on the spectrum, teacher things Asperger's, and he's expressed an interest in learning to drive, maybe because he sees other kids at church learning. What do I tell him? This is a kid who knows more than what he lets on. He might be able to operate a car, but traffic rules would be an issue.
" Tragically this subset of children are unusually intelligent (Deth) and are robbed of this gift via Thimerosal induced brain damage. " This is very much my case. My son is on the spectrum, though it's really mild. I have had so many people tell me that they can tell my son is really smart. My pastor told me Sunday that he's sure my son knows a LOT more than what he lets on and I said, "You've got that right!" He does. He's like a sponge. Every once in a while he'll surprise you with what he knows. What I really hate is when you go to a store, you're checking out, and the cashier speaks to your son as if he's a baby. C'mon, he's a teenager and he's taller than me! I speak to him in a normal tone of voice; I know he can understand me. As I indicated in another post, I've been giving him Behavior Balance (it's a supplement that has B6, folate, and B12) and his language has been improving. He's 15 and learning how to use pronouns correctly. The other day I remarked out of frustration, "You must hate me if you keep making such a big mess!" (He likes to take things apart and scatter stuff.) He replied: "I don't hate you!" When he was 2 he would build things--he would use his toys and create things, then he would look at it from all angles to see how it all fit together. At 5 or 6 he liked to make a table and chairs set out of Mega-Bloks, which my mother said was pretty remarkable. It just makes me so mad, though, that his intelligence is blocked by that autism. I've had more than one teacher tell me he's really smart, it's just a matter of unlocking that intelligence.
I'm 44 and I sure don't remember having autistic classmates. I only knew of ONE kid in my third-grade class who was on medication for anger issues--and one day he had a complete meltdown in the classroom and the teacher herded us to another room for safety. This was in 1981-82. Back then you didn't hear of autism (except it was something really weird and thankfully extremely rare) and it was almost unheard of to be on medication for anger issues. Welcome to the drugged-up 21st century. I have never had my child on any medication (he's 15) and I find that Behavior Balance (B6, folate, B12, and DMG) seems to help him, especially with expressive language. I've never had him on a GFCF diet either. I think I yanked him partway out of the autism rabbit hole when he was a preschooler and little by little I'm pulling him out more and more.
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I remember reading about autism when I was a child (1970s-80s). At that time it was extremely rare and I was like, wow, that would be awful to have a child who was so unaware they'd do things like run out in traffic. Fast-forward to today and I have a 15-year-old son on the spectrum. His father and I have done what we could (within our budget) to try to recover him. Cilantro and chlorella seemed to help, because when we started doing that when our son was 4, after two weeks of doing this he started trying to talk again. Recently I've discovered "Behavior Balance"--which is B6, B9 (folate), B12, and DMG--and I've noticed my son's speech improving more. He still has more or less of a monotone (unless he's mad at something) but his tone can seem more conversational. And in the last week--I noticed him humming. He has NEVER done that before! These jokers want to normalize autism so people will stop finding ways to recover kids, in my opinion. I think it's another way of hiding the vaccine/autism connection.
My son was also born in 2001 and I too followed the advice to give Tylenol right before vaccines. My husband and I got educated on vaccines when he was four. Our son hasn't had a vaccine since the age of 2. Since then, my son has very seldom had any Tylenol. If he has a cold he gets coconut oil and apple cider vinegar mixed in a drink.
Linda1 Not to mention that with vaccines, the stuff is injected directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the body's filters. That's another difference. Probably safer to drink it than to inject it!
Seems to me there's this push to normalize autism. If it's considered normal, the sheep won't question vaccines. It's not normal. At all. Sure, I love my son, even though he's on the spectrum, but if I can remove any hurdles, I will.
It's no wonder a lot of autistic kids have tantrums...they have these sights and sounds literally causing them pain. And they're unable to let anyone know. Before my husband and I started using cilantro and chlorella to try to detox our son, the sound of unwrapping a gift made him scream. If I listened to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," he started crying when she hits the high note towards the end. After we started detoxing him, he actually enjoyed opening presents! So I think we were on to something. I firmly believe that by not having him vaccinated at ages 5 and 12, we kept him from going further down the autism rabbit hole. If anything we reached in and are still in the process of pulling him out.
I think that guy has blood on his hands. I once read where Japan held off on vaccinations until the age of 2, for example, and SIDS virtually disappeared. When they started vaccinating infants again, SIDS made a comeback. If any new mother asks me if she should vaccinate her baby, I flat-out say no. If I'd known then what I know now, I would never have let anyone within a mile of my son with a needle.
Cia--The term "vaccine-preventable" is a misnomer. Very deceptive, especially since vaccines don't prevent disease--if anything, they cause it. Sun Rose--Thanks! I live in NE Ohio and I can't afford the course...however, I found out that the one book (about brain-injured children) is available in my library network. All I had to do is sign in, place a hold, and have them bring it to my local branch when it's available. I think I'm on the right path with what I've been doing, but I think I can do more, and if I can recover my son fully, that'd be great! I was talking to my pastor and one of his sons-in-law, who works with youth, about what I've been doing with my son. My impression is they don't think us "anti-vaxxers" are nuts and my pastor seems pleased that I'm helping my son and removing what hurdles I can.
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I believe my son, who is now 15, was affected, as he's on the spectrum. He hasn't had any vaccines since the age of 2, because by the time he was 4 his father and I found out about a possible vaccine-autism connection. We started giving him cilantro and chlorella, which is supposed to help pull mercury out, and within two weeks he was starting to talk again. Even now he's barely understandable (you have to know him to figure out what he's talking about, as he has a unique way of saying things). When he was 2 I took him to a developmental pediatrician, she said if he's autistic he's just on the spectrum--and we'd look at medication down the road. Um, no. I don't believe in medicating kids. I haven't medicated him for behavioral issues yet and he actually does fairly well, he'll sit in church quietly (though it helps to let him run around on the church's basketball court first). I also give him Behavior Balance, which is B vitamins and DMG. The B12 is supposed to help with language, and I have noticed his speech improving. The B6 is good for calming him down (he gets magnesium from Epsom salt baths). Every teacher who's worked with him, whether at school or in church, has told me that he's really smart. It saddens (and infuriates) me that because of these damned vaccines that intelligence is more or less locked up. I don't think vaccines are necessary at all--vaccines are NOT what caused the rates of illness to come down. The rates came down because of better living conditions--hygiene and sanitation, and diet. They call us "anti-vaxxers" scaremongerers but the real scaremongering comes from vaccine pushers. At any rate, a friend of mine recommended Max Wiznitzer. So I did a Google search on him, and after reading a few things about him (a partnership with a pharmaceutical company was a HUGE red flag), I was like--nope. My son's English teacher suspects he may have Asperger's and I'd like some kind of confirmation. I noticed Marvin Natowicz's name here and there seems to be good things said about him. Would you guys recommend him? I'm not too far from Cleveland. I'm considering moving my son to a DD school and having a "formal" diagnosis would help. He's currently in a virtual school. He does well...but I think he would do better with hands-on stuff, and actually having recess.
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