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Zachary Owens
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I agree with Bailey Herndon’s idea that food companies need to be honest with what is in the food that they are manufacturing. Herndon’s theory about food companies not telling consumers what exactly is in the food they are manufacturing is useful because it sheds light on the problem that food companies could be lying to their consumers. Not telling exactly what is in the food is essentially the same thing as lying. However, I believe living a healthy lifestyle and eating the right food is still up to the individual. Many people are still going to eat the modified foods, but I insist that the labels should list the correct ingredients, so people will know what they are consuming.
Although I agree with Turtle Man about how famous people should be able to express their political positions whenever they feel like it, I cannot accept his idea that famous people should fully express everything they believe. Famous people are held to a higher standard than others because they are idolized by people all over the world. I am not saying it is right for famous people to be held at a higher standard, I am just saying that is the reality our world is facing today. Famous people have a huge influence over many people’s beliefs and opinions. Therefore, famous people should use caution before they express their full opinion because they do not understand the full effects that their views can cause around the world. The opinions of famous people could make or break someone else’s career. I believe famous people should not be punished for expressing their opinions, but they should think about all the possible affects that could happen because of their comment.
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Apr 12, 2017