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Theresa Medina
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Dating is not the same as it was in the 90’s. Heck it is not even the same as it was in the early 2000’s. So much have changed. When I started dating in the late 90’s the only tech item I had on me was a pager. Yes, the good old fashioned pager that was only supposed to be used for emergencies from my parents. Did that happen? Yes and no. My friends would send me messages using number to my phone. When I started to date my senior year in high school, the guy I was dating, who soon turned into my boyfriend, would send me pages all the time. So much in one month the bill was over $500.00. Needless to say the pager was taken from me and my boyfriend had to pay my parents the bill. During the time of dating, I didn’t have a slender body. I still don’t. I have always been very curvy and thick. I would have a lot of boys around me. I did ask one day, to one of the guys, “why?” His response, “your personality”, the boys fell in love with my personality. They got to know me, they wanted to know more about me, the boys liked me for me. Now fast forward to the 2000’s. I remember going to my friend’s house to spend the night. She had AOL on her computer and her parents were asleep. We went online and had to go into a chat room to see what it was all about. There we were, in our pajamas, giggling. Then we heard it, “ding”, and the first message came. We assumed it was from a guy, only because he gave us his age, location and gender. So of course we did the same, only we added a few years to our age and choose to say we lived in a different location. Then the conversation was off, about five minutes in the guy wanted to know if we would like to have sex over the computer. We found it so taboo, so of course we did it. We laughed the whole time. Dating now, through the phone, there is no romance. No chance for the other person to even get to know the other person. You can’t meet mister or miss right just from one night of sex, if even that. People need to realize that you need to have a connection to have a wonderful relationship. I am not saying don’t have sex until you meet the right person. But just don’t cheat yourself and life by not bonding with a people. Sex only last so long, do you really want to be 80 trying to find your next sex partner?
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May 7, 2017