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I very much like what this article says, however its premise is flawed. The article assumes that most salespeople (and sales managers) are "highly flexible," good at thinking on their feet and able to adapt to the situation at hand. In my professional experience, the majority of salespeople simply aren't terrific at their jobs. It's not that they're not nice people, and it's not that they don't try their best, but most salespeople don't invest the time in learning their craft and most sales managers don't have the time, or patience, or (in some cases) the skills needed to coach their reps to greater success in various situations. It's why I've chosen to get involved with a revolutionary app that's been designed to help salespeople prepare for better outcomes on their sales calls, and to help sales leaders more effectively coach their reps. (I don't want to use this post to promote the app, so I won't mention the name here) Because most sales reps are "okay" at their jobs, having a proven methodology they can use consistently is still the best bet for closing more business. Of course, for sales reps who are good at their jobs, this article makes perfect sense!
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