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Jill McDowell
Addicted to creativity
Interests: Art Journaling, Mixed Media, Encaustic, Printmaking, Learning
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It really didn’t feel ambitious at the theme. Once I got into the groove, one thing led to another and things just flowed.... someday we’re going to have to get together again and make that happen!
Toggle Commented May 14, 2019 on BoHo Tunnel Journal at Infinite Possibilities
Thanks so much Jackie for all of your kind words! I really do appreciate them. I never imagined that I would ever have my own stencils so it really is a pinch me kind of moment! Bear Hug back!
Awe thanks my friend! There is plenty that I do that doesn’t make the cut. But I consider them to be building blocks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.... it also helps to surround yourself with some fantastically creative people like yourself. You’ve sparked some pretty good ideas😘.
Thank you so much. I used to do embroidery all the time as a kid and I’m having fun rediscovering it now. Thanks so much for your feedback.
I so enjoyed meeting you Peg and hope our paths cross again.
Rachel, thank you. I’ll have you know that I loved your panel so much that I went out a purchased a whole set of the Luminous paints. Started playing with them last night. So fun! Really glad to have met you. And if you ever go to Brimfield......😊
Tracey, thank you for the wonderful comment. I really appreciate it. Gwen has always had a huge influence on my work. She an absolutely amazing artist who is so generous in sharing techniques. I’m just loving her BoHo zgrunge style.
Kitty, thank you. I think we could have spent a whole week in class and still not have learned all of Gwen’s secrets. It was fun meeting you too. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again someday.
Sandee, thanks so much. I know that we would have had a blast together. Hopefully we can make it work next year.
Thank you Patty. It was fun wasnt it. And I’m really glad that I got to meet you.
Gwen, it really was an incredible weekend and I pick up so many new ideas from you. You never disappoint!
Mary, it was a thrill meeting you too. I think you and could have a lot of fun together. Looking forward to it.
Hi Denise! Tea drinkers unite! I hope your husband will find it in his heart to forgive me. Mine just gives me funny looks sometimes. So glad that we were given the opportunity to connect with each other. Jill
Jackie, you crack me up and I love reading your comments. Yes we definitely need to find a way to get together. I think we could be a dangerous pair. Lol
Kate, One of my goals is to find a used sewing machine so that I can stitch on them. There are some beautiful examples on Pinterest. Thanks so much for commenting. Jill