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This discussion of heart rate got me thinking, since mine has pretty much always run high during exercise. I'm going to buy one of the books, but also wanted to post here in case other forum readers have experienced the same and can weigh in. Has anyone ever experienced where rTss is consistently higher than hrTss for all running workouts, and does anyone know what this means? Could it mean that my HR zones are set too high? I did a 30 minute test, and the average HR for the second 20 mins was 189. Now on the one hand, I have observed HRs during crits a few years back that were up around 210, so it's not out of the question, but one the other hand, it's pretty high relative to recently observed maxes (which were mid 190s). Maybe i was too fatigued, or fighting off a virus, when i tested? Alternatively, could the running zones be set too slow? It's been a while since my last Run TT, so maybe fitness has advanced since then. Appreciate any thoughts!
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2017 on Max Heart Rate and Performance at Joe Friel