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Chester Draws
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My gut once exploded, and when the folks in the emergency room finally decided to shoot me up with some opiate, the pain was still there, but there was a veil between it and my pain receptors. A sensation I find worse than the pain itself. I'd rather have a much milder painkiller than the disconnect that opiates bring.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2017 on Elsewhere (236) at davidthompson
Well, according to the latest news, apparently they're not convinced at all . . . You know that anyway, because they support terrorism. Terrorism is the actions of a group that are so desperate that they will die in the hope of making transient damage to the people and infrastructure of the enemy. Actual damage to the political structure being beyond them. How many terrorist organisations have ever actually brought down an enemy regime? For all the terror inflicted on Israel, it has been weakened barely at all, and it is their enemies who are disarray. Japan ended WWII with kamikazes, which it never used at the start.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2017 on Elsewhere (235) at davidthompson
yet because the Chechens are Moslems, they are automatically "oppressed brown people", you see? Not really a great example, as the Chechen are actually oppressed. We might argue about whether they deserve it, their behaviour as a group not being exemplary, but that doesn't stop the fact that the Russians bombed their country flat, killed a significant number of their men and raped a significant number of their women. And have no intention of fixing it up either.
This is how it starts. I’ve opened the door to anarchy. Given how small the stupid things are, there's little cause for alarm. One discussion site I am on uses the avatars as betting tokens. Two people, who may well be continents apart of course, need a medium of exchange that is quick and reliable. Hence avatars tend to have messages like "Chester is Awesome" and "I know nothing" for weeks on end.
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I'm just seeing if I can change the picture that goes by my name. Walk on by please!
Toggle Commented May 29, 2017 on A Gathering Of The Pious at davidthompson