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Col Lang, some men were born for such a time as these. You have status, credibility and a network. The neocons or globalist or whatever one wishes to call these networks of warmongers who are just plugged into a system that feeds off itself does a disservice to the military men and women who will eventually be called upon to die or be mutilated by modern warfare. The hegemon that seems to work for what Smedley Butler called the white shoe boys is despicable and not worthy of the United States of America nor its constitution nor the men and women who live their lives believing in it.
Sir, My favorite mole in all of this is the slippery Doug Feith. He is continnues to be more slippery than the Teflon Don, who by the way died in jail. Lawrence Franklin, the former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst was another. Keith Weissman, the man once recognized as a top analyst at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Another former Aipac analyst, Steve Rosen, has been accused of handing over top-secret American documents to foreign officials and journalists. Both plead not guilty. CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY REPORTS THAT REPRESENTATIVE JANE HARMAN WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE PROMISING TO LOBBY FOR REDUCED CHARGES AGAINST TWO ACCUSED SPIES, IN EXCHANGE FOR HELP SECURING THE CHAIRMANSHIP OF THE HOUSE COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE: Pat Buchanan was mostly right when he said that our U.S Congress is Israeli occupied territory.
Just my view on things but something is just so very wrong in this country. Yeah, this has been par for the course for so long that i am used to it but who the hell is in charge and what is the agenda? "In 2005 Satterfield was named as having provided classified information to an official of the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, AIPAC. According to documents, Satterfield had discussed secret national security matters in at least two meetings with AIPAC official Steven J. Rosen, who was subsequently indicted by the U.S. Justice Department (later quashed over the objections of the FBI."
My apologies to the Lt Col.
An internationalist Bolshevik ideology has aligned itself with industry and is entrenched in U.S politics. Tucker Carlson disassembled Max Boot. Max and the Gen are rabid and illogical. It is a form of McCarthyism.