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Mike, thanks for posting this and let me just add a little thing. Mikes story - like many - often contains a little phrase like "I've always battled this", or "ever since I was young", etc. And most readers think to themselves well thank god thats not me, I dont get depressed. I know I thought that. So when at 50 for no apparent reason all these things others have described happened to me, my answer was "I dont get depressed - its not that". Well it was - I was depressed, and it went unreported and untreated for 2 years and while I held most of my life togther its cost me a lot I wont ever get back. For me the cause was was a result of a thyroid gland that decided it had had enough (who knew hypothyroidism comes with a side order of depression). For others it may be something else. The point is we are fragile, we may be strong one day and terribly broken in ways we dont even know the next. I'd like to say to those reading Mikes story and thinking - like I did - that it wont happen to me, just always be open to the idea that this just might and we all need to watch out for ourselves and each other.
Mike, in 2018 I disagree with you on the charger issue (previously I might have agreed - but not now). My A7III arrived on the doorstep literally minutes before I left on a trip away for a few days - a trip where I despartately wanted my new treasure. Having the option to charge directly from a USB port with relying on a wall charger meant I could get some ergs into it while driving to the ferry. I could then shoot while loading the car into the ferry, get sunset shots as we pulled away and then plug the camera into the USB in my seat while I slept and arrive in destination with a camera 100% ready to go while never having been near a wall power outlet. For me I never want a dedicated plug into the wall charger for any portable appliance ever again. Oh - and between the new battery life and usb charging you dont need a spare battery.
Not many teams can make me cheer for the Patriots however the Eagles are one of that small cadre. Ever since they signed Michael Vick post prison time I have hoped they never win a superbowl - ever! Some evil cant be forgiven. Note - at the time I wrote this I know they won and it sucks.
For me its easy - largely its close to what I now have - which has evolved over years to match my style -but just a bit better quality and newer. So Sony A7RIII, 16-35 GM, 70-200 GM, 55 1.8 ZA. Covers just about everything I shoot (travel, landscape, close-up sports while also giving me a small, light easy prime option to throw over my shoulder while riding.
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There are approximately a zillion bloggers/vloggers on the net talking about every concievable facet of photography. I love that this site is more than that and that snipet of Xanders story was amazing. Ok, my resolutions. 1. Sort my photographs out and take my stock photography seriously. 2. Stop dreaming of the photos I could take in exotic locations one day and take advantage of what is here now. 3. Go under 12 hours at Ironman Bussleton in Dec 2018.
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When the original A7 series cameras came out I was making much the same assessment. I had made a decision to switch mounts and it came down to Sony E v Fuji X. In the end Sony won, here's my logic then and nothing much has changed since. 1. The Sony system options. The e-mount gives me a tiny APS-C body option and a bigger ff (but still smaller than DSLR) option. Taking the bicycle out but want to taken photos - the A6000 fits in a cycle jersey rear pocket. Going for a walk through the middle of a european capital, the A7R gives me IQ just short of MF (ok - its dues to be replaced soon - I know but if I was making that assessment now it would be an A7Riii and probably true again). 2. Fuji HMI repells me. I know, how that that be, the fuji is lauded for its design, whats wrong with me? Despite being on the wrong side of 50 I've only ever been a digital photographer. So my ideas of design are firmly rooted a post 2000 milieu. With that in mind the fuji retro hmi introduces - for me - unforgiveable sins. Dials that appear to work backwards are bad but can be tolerated because you will get used to them but what I cannot forgive are settings with two sources of truth. Having mixed hard and soft controls for settings (such as shutter speed) means you have to remember what control you used to make a setting to know what the setting is. After a week with a borrowed fuji I was ready to throw it into a wall - hard. Luckily I just gave it back. Im told that later fujis are less handcuffed to the past and work better but I'm still scarred I guess. 3. Price. Again, sounds weird - Sony are infamous for their (high) pricing so what gives? Basically when I sat down and said to myself - these are the photos I want to take, this is what that means in terms of gear specs and this is what that means I need to buy in each system the Sony was waaaaay cheaper in Australia at least.
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Jun 30, 2017