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Grass fed beef is the best. For us we enjoy Maasai beef, mutton and goat meat.
I have seen a young lamb dressed up may be that is why she was dancing on the grass!!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2017 on Project Frolic: an encore at Clean.
Majority of Kenyans don't have lawns because most of the population reside in flats as they are cheaper. The population is growing everyday! There is no enough land to have lawns whether small or big.
In order to stop the fight make sure you keep on buying chairs at various ages of a child before they feel they are mature now to sit on the sofa.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2017 on The Grass Is Always Greener at turandot's blog
Great spread of whooping cough requires vaccination. That is why the government sometimes calls for children below 5 years to be vaccinated and given Vitamin A even if they were vaccinated when they were infants in order to bring down the outbreak of certain diseases like whooping cough.
That is why sometimes we are given piriton in order to sleep well at night. True no cure for common cold symptoms are treated instead. We are used to cough syrups even as adults because of common cold.
Added knowledge (pertussis) did not know that whooping cough has another name. It is contagious as measles, DTaP etc did not know that P represents whooping cough. More knowledge added.
We really don't use Apple computers widely in our country. Remember we started with Macintosh computers in our department then harvard computers but it seems finally we will go back to Apple computer. I understand there no viruses in Apple computers. Certainly it will be the next option.
Dry cough is really irritating to the throat. That is why seven seas is so good for babies.
Promotion conflict is really prevalent in our place of work.
God have mercy. Even in our country there are some children who have been trapped in ISIS.
Giant Granadilla is a passion fruit. Think we don't grow them in our country.
I am a sheep because the sheep knows their shepherd. Jesus Christ.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2017 on Sheep or goat? at in His hands
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Soap display stand. We don't do it in our country.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2017 on The Soap Display Stand! at FarmVille 2
Sprout trees will need to know more about them.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2017 on Survival of The Smartest! at FarmVille 2
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