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Rich Williams (Watcher aka Bill Blight)
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I disagree that moving to amazon is going to be a "fundamental improvement" , it is a Ebbie decision. I would bet that moving to the cloud is a ploy to downsize their expenses for SL so that money can be funneled to Sansar. When you have a strategy like this "cloud instance" idea where regions only spin up when needed you don't have to maintain the hardware for the entire grid. I seriously doubt that this move to the cloud has anything really to do with improving the user experience.
I still think LL has failed to do proper demographics on what made SL a success. It is not the people who spend thousands of dollars on computer hardware, it is the millions of people who use it casually, and all those micro transactions. Sansar is great piece of tech, is it too early, I think so .. The people who spend multiple hours a day hanging out with friends in SL are not going to do so in an overly complicated VR rig. Also I'd be curious to see how many of SL users are actually willing, or even can afford a VR rig. Just my .02 .
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Aug 2, 2017