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Nina M
Rockford MN
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Wow! Fabulous backgrounds. I like the extra samples showing other ways of using the background with different dies...background and as color on the die cuts themselves. I have used bleach to remove color from stamped images that were embossed...but never thought of this.
I love glitter! I think the dies with the "stitched" effect is neat. They are new for me, I always thought that was done after! Glad it is actually much easier!!!!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2017 on Happy Halloween by Nancy Penir at poppystamps
Really like the concept of this card. I personally would go with more "fall" colors. But I like the deep, rich colors of the typical fall. I do like the ghosts...a ying/yang look.
So love the shaker card!!! The little ghosts are cute too, not creepy or scary. Would be cute for a kids card.
Love the fall stamps and dies. Fall is my favorite time of the the colors and versatility of it all!
Love the border idea. I have so many that came as parts of sets that I didn't know what to do with. But now I have some new inspiration. I like how this card comes together at the end.
Kind of like a snowglobe but in a jar instead. I like the little deer...cute, but also realistic. And the deer could easily be turned into Rudolph too.
I like this...Santa's flying deer are getting ready for Christmas!
Love the colors. I think the layers used and pictured in the whole process are nice too and can easily be slightly modified and used as a card itself! This card seems complicated, but I am sure once one is made it probably isn't so bad. It is beautiful and tranquil. Perfect for an overall winter card.
This dove reminds me of one we used to have on the Christmas tree when I was young. Not sure what happened to it. But this card is beautiful and snowy.
So unique and bright. So like how everything is sparkly!!!
Love it. Love the two tone look created with the paper. I so like snowflakes in general...they are good for all the holiday and winter cards!
Love the ornaments. But the pine bough leaves a lot of openings for some fun cards and use of extra accessories and decoration! All of which is pretty, elegant and simple looking. Potentially a lot of fun with these dies!!!
Love Love Love!! The flower or poinsettia is so pretty. I love the colors used for the card sample too. I am just starting to really like the shaker cards...since they have gotten A LOT simpler to do with dies (rather than cutting around with scissors, as in the old days).
This die set has endless possibilities. I love the card. So easy to use for many occasions. Just change up the words and a few of the added features. Die sets being versatile is a must. As many crafters, I have TOO much stuff. So I have to pay attention to buying things that can be used for multiple holidays or occasions.
Makes a tri-fold card seem simple. This die set would be so good for layering and even shaker cards too. I like the trees and how they stand out, would be easy to add some color to.
I like the wreath of ornament balls. This could be such a versatile set for things other than Christmas too. I like how there were 2 cards shown here, the same thing but different colors. Shows how easy a set of different Christmas cards could be done.
I so love snowflakes! The blue in this card makes the rest of it just pop. Such a simple way to make this card fun.
Love the simple elegance. The small beads used in the shaker card is so simple.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2017 on Merry Christmas by Marybeth Lopez at poppystamps