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Danger, danger. So you are going to vote for someone who has never made any community contributions in their three years locally before running for City Council. You justify this decision due to your love for two socialist mono race countries and your obsession for his wife? Cynthia Cornell became his Treasurer as a result of his promises for more free stuff for renters. At least she is transparent.
Regarding the City Council election, please read the following article written by Mike Dunham. Don't look for Mike to introduce civility in the public debate. I just mailed in my ballot with Colson and Beach as my easy choices.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2019 on Reminiscencing running. at The Burlingame Voice
Arithmetic is simple for most. This massive pension under funding is very clear and will not end well. Our civil savants are not the cause. Our less than honest self motivated politicians are to blame.