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Thanks for the thoughtful reply, JME!
Thank you for your comment, Golden Thread. We understand the technicality behind the acquittal, which is why we stated that it did not boil down to defence of property. Our point is focused on the rhetoric that has come out of this discussion, particularly the conversations among non-Indigenous peoples saying a person deserves to die simply because they trespassed. The 'oversimplification' comes from the message that is sent from the court regarding Indigenous lives when the legal system continues to utilize systems that oppress Indigenous people, such as an unfair jury selection process.
Thank you, Alumni - we have changed the term to reflect your comment.
Glad to hear you enjoy our posts - we look forward to your talk in the spring!
Great question - that sounds like a good topic for a PHD dissertation! Here is a link to a recent study from BC that considered the efficacy of a program similar to those discussed in today's post:
Thanks, Lorraine! Indigenous laws are so much more than they're given credit for.
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Sep 4, 2017