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Katie Halmo
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Oct 15, 2017
I was drawn to your post because it shared a similar sentiment of uncertainty in picking just one frame through which to form a solution (from the SSM reading). However, I am realizing now that it might be beneficial to separately analyze situations through each individual frame, then start devising solutions. Though this seems terribly inefficient, might this provide the insight necessary for truly informed decision making? I think that your discussion of the political decision-making realm was also interesting to consider. The idea of constructed boundaries attests to why the two parties don't seem to agree on anything. Boundaries have been made, blurring the lines between the true issues under consideration. Certain issues that would logically garner support from both sides have been politicized, and therefore, have become highly controversial, largely because of a simple unwillingness to see the other side(s). How can voters work to overcome this lack of cooperation? What will it take to convince them of the importance of at least considering all sides?
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Sep 8, 2017