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Ok I see, figured was the case since couldn't find any examples. Thanks for the insight, perhaps I'll give the timer a shot, or pursue the separate dialog approach.
To elaborate, I'm trying to mimic behavior this video in a DWG instead of separate dialog. (In video I am using Up/Down keys to rotate object)
For the temporary insertion point, can it somehow be the temporary center of object (or picked displacement point) as it transforms across the screen? Basically I would want the object to rotate around my cursor. Does that make sense?
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Oct 5, 2017
Hi, I like all these Jig samples, I'm trying to wrap my head around the concepts. Until I manage to do that, I wonder if you can shed light on if a certain jig is possible. Basically I would like to Move and Rotate an object at the same time. So using a basic Move DrawJig, I'd like to have the rotation of object change with scroll of mouse wheel (around center of object) before selecting new insertion point. Do you know if that is possible? If so, maybe a good sample to have on your site? :) Thanks, Jon
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Oct 5, 2017