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Sue K.
Chandler, AZ
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Your mother was an amazing woman! She met her challenges with great determination to overcome them. Thanks for the wonderful story!
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What an interesting dilemma we have as storytellers! I have always been driven to speak my truth and uphold my integrity. Overtime, I have learned that there is no such thing as truth. What I believe to be the truth is just my perspective of how things happened or what I projected onto others. Often a sudden paradigm shift would completely change my perception of the truth. That in itself is a story worth telling!
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It was quite helpful reading how you start with a concept and then work it into a full blown story. That seems like a solid approach to use. I especially like how you target which characters you will develop. Thanks for sharing!
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I loved your story! It was incredibly complex and painted a wonder visual picture of both you and your father. My guess is that your next story will be just as enjoyable to listen to. Think of those post-it notes as training wheels. Once you get your sense of balance, you won't need them.
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Such a beautiful interpretation of the Wizard of Oz! Your perspective puts it in a whole new light for me. My guess is those black rocks at the beginning of your labyrinth are Apache Tears that are abundant in the Superior area. These rocks are rounded pebbles of obsidian made of dark colored natural volcanic glass. If you held them to the sun, you can see the light shining through. These stones absorb negativity. Laying it along the path serves to release these thoughts and relieve the burden.
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Oct 11, 2017