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Hi PWC Legal Team, Could you please advice me on my immigration query. I am currently on Tier-2 General Visa and my ILR is due in Sep-2018. My Gross Salary on COS at the moment is £40,000 per annum. However I am switching over to a new Employer from Jan-2018 who is going to Sponsor my Tier-2 General visa with a Gross Salary of £30,000 per annum on COS. My understanding is that I should have a minimum Salary of £35,700 when I apply for ILR in SEP-2018. My employer is trying to convince me that my Gross Salary on COS is not going to matter when I apply for ILR and it's the amount on the Payslip which he said will meet the minimum salary requirement for ILR. Could you please clarify my question on this. Thanks & Regards Raj
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Nov 30, 2017