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Angry Mack
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Mack Cunningham was painful to listen to at the last meeting. He can barely find his words when he speaks. Mack said he disagrees with the finance committee's recommendation to fundraise through user groups and residents for $ for playing field improvements. Instead he suggests the taxpayers just pay the bill. You have to be a special kind of stupid to dissuade against the generosity of Rye residents. He also said that the the city should not spend money on the HVAC system in city hall because "most of the community doesn't come into [city hall]." Perhaps the dumbest logic I've ever heard. City Hall still needs heat, air conditioning and clean air even if its mainly for the employees working there.
Mack Cunningham makes no sense when he speaks. Is he really saying that the city cannot install a drainage pipe from flooded Milton Road into Milton Harbor? That project would open up the road during our rain storms instead of trapping residents. We are a waterfront community. Our storm drains lead out to the sound/harbors no matter how we try to re-direct water! What is he talking about?!
Dear Lord, I forgot about Doug French. Anyone know what he's up to? Mayor Cohn is in over his head. Does he know about anything other than those cell towers?
Jeez. As much as Sack was a major disappointment as Mayor, Mack Cunningham is nothing but a nasty gadfly! Too bad Mack has gotten his hooks into Hurd and Epstein. They would be wise to ignore him...
Did Angry Mack Cunningham admit to not paying for parking in Rye? Angry Mack is also very hard to follow. He has trouble stringing a coherent sentence together and works himself up until he is out of breath. Poor Angry Mack. Nobody listens to him anymore. He needs to calm down!
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Dec 20, 2017