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I highly recommend you start with an authoritative website to learn all you can about warts. First start with natural remedies, the OTC treatments, and if this fails go see a doctor. Here is your #1 starting point:
You should check out my blog. Tips tricks and facts for all things warts. Get tem removed fast easy and safely!!
Oh wow, this is a serious issue. Genital warts are contagious and can spread to an intimate partner. Sometimes very easily. I have a blog that outlines wart types and various treatment techniques for getting rid of warts. I always recommend starting with natural remedies like tea tree oil, and duct tape. If this doesn't work, try an OTC salicylic acid like Wartrol. If all else fails, go see a dermatologist who can freeze them off or use laser techniques. Best of luck!
It sounds like you have a serious issue on your hands. I suggest spending a few hours doing "web diligence" to find out all the information you can on this topic. A great starting point is the blog below, which will be updated frequently in the future. The aim or goal of the blog is to be the ultimate guide to warts and wart removal. Check it out!
Hi, I have developed a new website with lots of resources on warts, wart removal and other goodies. Genital warts are annoying and unsightly, but not dangerous. There are various natural remedies to remove them, but sometimes an OTC medicine is needed. If all else fails a visit to the dermatologist is certainly warranted!
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Jan 2, 2018