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Few more days away from the final presentation to the client. Few more days for the Capstone project. In this week I gathered all the information acquired during the past months and shape it in a presentable form. Although I didn't finish the 20 slides presentation but I'm still working on it. It was not an easy project because the primary source of information is in California. The collection of secondary data is also not easy process because the information on the internet sometimes contradicts each other, So information from primary sources mainly should be from case studies and supported... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
Presentation's date has been confirmed next week. It was a week where the knowledge i acquired from marketing lectures and the real work expertise has been mixed together to give the outcome. The journey of decision making analysis varies from one person to another, but the common considerations are the ones the marketers should focus on. The journey differs between the Pest Control Advisers (PCA) based on the level of education, age, and experience. Usually the environment concerns is in the top of minds for those PCAs who are older. Younger Pest Control Advisers have much concerns on the allowed... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
It was a busy week for me, I finished collecting, gathering and compiling all the information relevant to the project, this week and the week after I will start working on finalizing the reports and presentations. It was not an easy assignment to analyze the outcomes from both the Primary and secondary researches. Sometimes I see contradictions in the information between what is written on the internet and what the real world is. My capstone project gave insights about how each company execute its strategy and how they challenge the competition. Marketing is a continuous process and it is affected... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
One more month and the Capstone is over. Its not related to the time we allocated to complete but to what we have learned and how the outcome develop our skills. I have learned new information in the agriculture business. I have learned how globalization affects the marketing and decision making process. I have learned how Safety environment can dominate the 4 P"s" of marketing. Developing marketing strategies is not a procedure to follow, its a science, the more the information you gather and collect form the industry and the real world , the more the strategy will be effective.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
The countdown has started , few weeks and I will be done with the presentation, I hope for myself and all my classmates the best of luck Both the Primary and Secondary researches have been done, I was putting all the personas pieces together and the Final persona requested will be finished end of this week. Actually the primary researches helps the researchers to build a know-how skills about an industry. WhenI was assigned a Pest Control management, I have no idea what this industry has in it, but after 2 months of researches , I came up with so... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
I focused only in this week on the primary researches module, each interview script is consisting of 5-7 pages , I think I will do like 15 interviews and then start the analysis process. The script was setup in a way to give competitive analysis and decision making journey mapping. I'm working on my own on this as my client is busy. Personally, I learned many insights about this industry through out the phone interviews. It was hard to approach the PCA in California while I'm in Ohio, I wish I live in CA and attend some PCA seminars so... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
In the last week i continue conducting the primary researches interviews to reach out to a big picture on how a Pest Control Adviser considers product and how they can distinguish one product from another. I wish the company has budget for this project so i can fly to CA and collect at least 100 interviews( Face to face). Furthermore, Im analyzing the main competitors to the brand and checking their financials, management discussion and analysis (MD&A) and this will help in determining organization goals and objectives, barriers and simply it discuss Porters 5 principles. For the public listed companies... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
It was a week of primary researches. I conducted few interviews over the phones for the PCAs in California and thanks to LinkedIn for getting me in touch with them. The majority of the PCAs were very supportive in this regards. Also I'm working on an appendix of the interview to seek more insights about the products Dynamic variables and thanks to Professor Boyd as he helped me in constructing the interview script. My goal is to conduct 25-30 interviews within the coming 2 weeks to examine the awareness impacts on decision making process (Buyer behavior). Its not only the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
I had a project review with Professor Boyd this week , and we discuss the progress of the project. I also did the first primary interview with the Pest control Advisers ( PCA ) in California. The interviews consisted of several questions that address the background of the PCA , Crop protection plans, and how they gather information to update their knowledge and what are the industry trends. i figured out that Universities researches are considered the main source of information for the Pest Control Advisers , especially University of California at Davis.Also i learned how the government in USA... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
In this week , I contacted through LinkedIn the Pest Control Advisers in California area to better understand their industry and the steps they have in their decision making module. I watched also YouTube documentaries about the PCAs in Michigan. I found that Awareness and Research are the main source of information they can get in a brand . So in other words a good advertising should always keep a high awareness in the mid of their customers and also to a brand should also disclose the researches conducted (Facts). The principles of persuasion is highly effective in brand awareness... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
I started working on the core competency analysis, although my client wants me to focus more on personas creation. I figured out that building an effective marketing strategy requires to know the current situation analysis without overlooking the past situations. Diving in the secondary researches i did during the week i found that the customer benefits outcomes is an essential part of a decision marking. My client is a well-known company in the pharmaceutical industry and its market share is growing each year. The Big Picture framework and the Personas are the two variables they need to work on now... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
The marketing field book by Professor Boyd is the bible of this course, it helps a lot. After I met with the client, they asked me to develop Personas for the PCA(pest control advisers) in California.Through out the journey, I discovered that there are 9 million acreages of farms in CA only. In order to develop personas, I start reading about the PCAs and surfed several websites, and gathered information about how to push my client's products into PCAs minds before the market. Unfortunately, the head of Horticulture at UC didn't reply to my two emails, however I found everything... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
All business and all industries in the world requires an astute marketers.This is my final semester at UC in the MS Marketing Program. Throughout the courses at UC i have learned useful techniques that help in my career growth. The Capstone project is a comprehensive course that fill the knowing-doing gap. My Client is Barefoot Proximity located in Cincinnati. I had a chance to meet them last week and know more about their project, expected deliverable and insights about the markets' challenges. My project is to create Personas for the PCA( Pest Control Advisers) through marketing and segmentation analysis. The... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
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