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So we're back to the threat of nuclear war, again. As if we don't have enough terrifying events in our lives today. I noticed that we're hearing many of the same specious arguments to increase our nuclear capabilities, and again, they make no sense. There is a book entitled "Minds at War" by Stephen Kull, first published in 1988 that explored the 'psychodynamics' of the arms race of that time and which we apparently need to revisit. The tome has disappeared from my bookshelf on a loan, so I may need to restock, if I can find it. It is, imho, a worthy read
I think you need to use an /s at the end of your post. And yet the question of election integrity remains. I mean, isn't that the core issue? The one that is not being addressed? The only logical action would be to assure election integrity, because without that consideration, it's not possible to know how the populace voted in the first place; so how can one assess how much voters were swayed by trolls? Anyway, as in other cases of malfeasance, why does it matter if we do this to ourselves, or if others cause such things to happen? Lol. So, if we are talking US trolls, i.e. 'correct the record', all is well in our republic? /s
And that is where the parameter called “time” enters the picture. You see, if you want to understand where the Russian Federation is coming from, it is important to realize that they have all the time in the world and the U.S. is running out of time. The U.S. global empire is already massively overextended and all empires have ended, many of them rather badly. And everything else below. I have to whole-heartedly agree with you, Greyraven. We've seen this before and it never ends well. Why the US's sense of exceptionalism requires us to repeat even relatively recent historical events and expect different results is beyond me. The greater problem is just how violent the throes of decline will be, not just for Americans, but for others as well? That and the instigators will certainly flee with their capital and cocoon themselves around the world. Some of them will attempt to continue the fraud wherever they find support.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2018 on Russia In the Crosshairs at The Global Progressive
The oligarchy has a vanguard in both their viral corporatocracy and the U.S. military, should greed and graft be insufficient for their needs. What a deal! The U.S. taxpayer foots the cost of pillaging resources just about anywhere and citizens are fighting amongst themselves for scraps in the ruins of their own country and blame each other for their ills. Rinse and repeat on a larger scale. The plutocrats don't care about anything other than themselves; have no allegiance to anything else including the world in which we all live. That is somehow difficult for Americans to comprehend. Others want to blame the U.S., but it hardly matters at this point. Since we now have a uniting global elite, we need to have an even larger global progressive movement, sooner rather than later.
Yay! Happy to see your site and very glad to be here -- thanks for all you work, JC Bennett and Greyraven. I look forward to visiting often.
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Feb 10, 2018