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Péter Varga
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Dear Philippe, You saved me a lot of time with this article. It's a little bit old, but still useful. I've search the internet for very long hours and I haven't find a better guide to this topic. You say: "...which works but disable the possibility for the user to interact with the page... When adding both renderers directly to the document, interaction with the page is possible, however the meshes do not get render properly in front of the css elements. So far I haven't found a way to combine both results with a single approach." For this part, I found a solution (based on this project: ). I carefully went through on his code and compared it to yours. The only main difference I found is that he has "pointer-events: none" on the canvas. I tried it on yours, and it seems to solve the interaction problem. I hope I could help, since you helped me a lot. Regards, Peter
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Feb 15, 2018