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Axel Arnold Bangert
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To EYILDIZOGLU: I very carefully read this article. In my opinion Mr. Erdogan planned the deep state kemalist removement with the help of the gülen deep state as well as the then following gülen deep state removement as well as the substitution of the kurds in Afrin and sorrounding by the 3 million syrian refugees (EU contract). What he is planning concerning nato and russia, Powertrans, Koç Holding, Oyak, Sabancı Holding and the armaments industry, which tries to build up, will be a very, very important developement for this region. Axel Arnold Bangert - Herzogenrath 02.2018
The ubove Link to the article "Feasable Globalization" is wrong and has been changed to: Best regards Axel Arnold Bangert - Herzogenrath 02.2018
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2018 on Markets without states? at Dani Rodrik's weblog
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Feb 23, 2018