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I think the leadership knows, it is the generals they sent to NATO who think that another war would be a grand idea.
Dude! Been too too long!
Jeff didn't like having his pets challenged. :)
Terrorism is their way.
So far only the terrorists and their supporters (ie the US) are still saying that Assad ran the Douma attack or that it even happened. There is a German reporter who even backs up the RT and Russian claims that it never happened at all and was a staged event with locals forced to be participants. His main critic is a Bild reporter who works with ISIS, not much credibility from that guy. So that's Douma, the attack that never happened. What about the Skripals then? Yeah, interesting stuff there, they supposedly are poisoned by the most toxic stuff on the planet from touching the front door knob as they leave the house. They then wander around town for 5 more hours eating, drinking and generally enjoying themselves until they are found delirious and incapacitated on a park bench by a PC who is INSTANTLY taken out by this substance. The doctors at the hospital are NOT notified it is a nerve agent and treat the victims without protection and NONE of them come down ill. Meanwhile May has identified the substance and the government responsible within 24 hours of the incident. Chaos and recriminations ensue along with expulsions of diplomats. The OPCW is called in and it takes them 3 WEEKS to identify the substance and they can't say that it say a Russian agent. Mays psychic abilities go unremarked in the MSM press. The victims make a full recovery and are now held incommunicado by MI5. Yeah, right.
Hi everyone!
Love this one, great to see it again!
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Feb 27, 2018