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Boulder, CO
Molly Tanzer is the Sydney J. Bounds and Wonderland Book Award-nominated author of A Pretty Mouth (Lazy Fascist, 2012), Rumbullion, and Other Liminal Libations (Egaeus, 2013), the forthcoming Vermilion (Word Horde, 2015), and a second novel that will come out in 2015 — but she can't say anything further about that yet, on pain of death. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in, among many other places, The Book of Cthulhu (I and II), Strange Aeons, and The Book of the Dead. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and a very bad cat. When not writing, she enjoys mixing cocktails, experimenting with Korean cooking, and (as of recently) training for triathlons. She tweets @molly_the_tanz, and blogs — infrequently — at
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“I have a desire,” he said, turning to face her. Continue reading
Posted Oct 11, 2016 at Pornokitsch
"One of the problems with fiction is it doesn’t allow women to be bitches and get away with it." Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2016 at Pornokitsch
"Sadly, just like with Flowers in the Attic, this was a damn marketing fallacy." Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2016 at Pornokitsch
Just imagine everyone is way sicker and instead of cars and Arc'teryx jackets everyone is in carriages and wearing frock coats. Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2015 at Pornokitsch
"The dystopian setting of Atlas Shrugged still is dear to my heart—who knew that collectivism could make restaurant food taste less good?" Continue reading
Posted Nov 27, 2015 at Pornokitsch
"The human body is amazingly frail." Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2015 at Pornokitsch
Watching Pygmalion after seeing My Fair Lady countless times was a decidedly odd experience. Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2015 at Pornokitsch
Posted Jul 23, 2015 at Pornokitsch
"Alex believes right now he is in control. But he’s not. It’s the illusion of free will." Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2015 at Pornokitsch
"The pug, however, is the best. A bravura performance. So much so that I want a retelling of Dune from the pug’s point of view, à la Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October." Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2015 at Pornokitsch
"She will become your creation the longer you engage her, putting you in the Pygmalion position, which can be just as uncomfortable as her pedestal..." Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2015 at Pornokitsch
"Let us all pray to the Lord Humungus that Tom Hardy’s take on Max is as dark as Mel’s, even as Master Hardy himself remains a pristine snowflake in contrast to Squire Gibson’s slurry of partially-frozen feces." Continue reading
Posted Apr 22, 2015 at Pornokitsch
"Pray for me more than ever. I have begun at the beginning; it will be my own fault if I haven’t the perfect wife." Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2015 at Pornokitsch
I will never apologize! I assume you'll be fighting with your father's sword, and only your father's sword?
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2015 on Films of High Adventure: Waterworld at Pornokitsch
I remember feeling extremely indignant about the Valdez spill and crying over all the pictures of oil-soaked seals and whatever, so I think I felt it was a RAZOR SHARP SATIRE which, what? I dunno. What can I say? At that age, I also read and nodded my head over the works of Camile Paglia (the heroine from The Maxx thought she was great). I was a moron.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2015 on Films of High Adventure: Waterworld at Pornokitsch
"What could have been a so-bad-it’s-good cheese-fest is doomed by its own occasional, floundering semi-adequacy." Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2015 at Pornokitsch
It's so hard to talk about this show, isn't it?? So, Dilandau isn't physically female... at least, he doesn't have breasts, right? He tears off his shirt so we all KNOW FOR SURE (classic "what ARE you??" anxiety over genderfluid characters) which I think is meant to show us that his body is altered when he is Dilandau, vs. Celena who definitely sports a rack when she wanders back to her old house. I agree that I wanted more from Celena, and I wish Escaflowne had gotten a second season, because I felt they purposefully left a lot ambiguous so they'd have something to connect the two seasons. The adventures of Celena would have been grand, because I too would have liked to know what she remembered and who she was once she became Celena completely. At least, we think she has.... Alas!
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2015 on Pygmalia: Vision of Escaflowne at Pornokitsch
Vision of Escaflowne is a baffling, indescribable thing, and one impossible to meaningfully discuss without revealing major series spoilers. Continue reading
Posted Feb 25, 2015 at Pornokitsch
Here’s the thing about Krull: as long as you never, ever think about what you’re seeing, it’s great. Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2015 at Pornokitsch
I've never seen a Christopher Guest film, but I should. I've heard nothing but good stuff about Best in Show! Also, I just looked him up... what? He is the Six-Fingered Man and is married to Jamie Lee Curtis? What? I... didn't think to call him "Frankensting" I'm sorry to say, because that is gold. Comic gold. I'm not that clever! When I wrote this I was still remembering all the weirdness with everyone being like "Hey CHARLES yeah CHARLES FRANKENSTEIN" and it was too weird to get out of my head. Why is he Charles Frankenstein? Why is the monster Viktor? I'm still confused.
I've never seen Spinal Tap! Maybe I should... Hey, I also had a period easily described as The Tiresome Years. Let's be friends!
It was just a crack! I wasn't seriously impugning the dude's career! Sorry Mr. Brown! I love a good 19th c novel, thanks for the rec on the James! And several have recommended Galatea 2.2, so I'll definitely be checking that out.
Toggle Commented Jan 31, 2015 on Pygmalia: The Bride (1985) at Pornokitsch
Duly noted!
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2015 on Pygmalia: The Bride (1985) at Pornokitsch
Sounds like a great suggestion, thank you!
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2015 on Pygmalia: The Bride (1985) at Pornokitsch
Jennifer Beals wakes up and is obviously mega-hot, prompting the Creature to claim her for his own. Baron Sting Frankenstein also notices Beals is hot, and becomes uncool with this. Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2015 at Pornokitsch