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Brittany Tucker
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My favorite drink to start off the day is hot apple cider but it is usually just lots of water. The kit looks really fun!
Great card! Love the 3-d feel.
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Beautiful Card! Love the detail.
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Awesome collections! Looks like lots of fun.
Beautiful cards! I love the anchor one. Thanks for sharing.
Love the glossy accents! Great cards. So Cute!
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Love the shaker card. So fun!
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Love the card! Very cute!
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Stunning card! Love the pink pops in it. Truly beautiful!
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Very beautiful card! Love the color choices.
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Such a fun card. Really love the bright colors.
Such a cute card! Gotta try this one. Thanks for sharing.
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Great planner! Love the way you did it.
Beautiful card! Love the color in the designer paper and the glitter.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2014 on Pink Power... at Just Give Me Stamps...
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Beautiful card! Love the flower. Thanks for sharing. You are amazing!
Amazing cards! Love the diversity from the sketch.
Love the card! So much details and wonderful colors.
Making some cards while following my favorite blogs for ideas:)
Great card! Love the colors.
Awesome card! I love the pop image paired with the button.
Love the card! Thanks for sharing.
Very cute card! Love the moose. Thanks for sharing.
Great cards! My favorite is the merry and bright. I love the gold in it. Thanks for sharing.
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Love the water coloring on your cards. Amazing!
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Loved all your cards. My favorite was the one with the houses. Thanks for sharing.
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