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Chelsea is traveling this week, Mel. Forget where.
That Dubai article translated: Difficult to quantify the extent of international tax evasion. But it is possible to affirm and demonstrate that this ongoing fraud and it has adapted to the new French laws and international rules. The investigation unit of Radio France, in partnership with L'Observateur, Parts for convictions (France 3) and the Swiss media group Tamedia, had access to internal documents of a company based in the United Arab Emirates which counted among its clients fraudsters. Our work is based on tens of thousands of documents: mail, memos, faxes, bank statements, invoices, over a period from 2002 until spring 2018. Elements corroborated by customer testimonials that confirm the assemblies of society. This company is called Helin. It is led by the French, who have shown great ingenuity to protect the identity of customers, many of which have not regularized their situation with the French tax authorities, Belgian or Italian. Helin The system was still active in 2018 and continued despite theCahuzac affair (2013), the swiss leaks (2015) and Panama Papers (2016). A Belgian prince Helin behind, there is a man born in France and grew up in Belgium, Henri de Croy. With his brother Emmanuel, they will specialize in asset management and administration of offshore companies. Belgium, Switzerland, UAE, Puerto Rico, Mauritius: client money moves according turbulence such as court cases, or laws against tax evasion. In the UAE, specifically in Ras Al Khaimah, Croÿ of the brothers themselves with a French, a former banker and CFO of companies: Bernard Ouazan. Henri de Croy heirs Their clients, we first find the heirs who have received from their parents or ancestors of bank accounts abroad not declared to the tax authorities. The amounts vary but can represent up to 25 million for a single person. This is the story of Audrey *. When she learns that she and her two siblings inherit an offshore bank account, the subject is taboo. "I hear that, and it's as if it was stolen money. It means that we should not talk about it. It has to remain completely secret, otherwise we will put with my brother and my sister, the whole family in danger. "Endangered vis-à-vis the tax authorities. The other set is to be given not to touch the money in Switzerland. A situation "delusional" for Audrey: I tell myself that I can still enjoy it a little, it would be nice. In addition, at work, I start getting tired of my superiors. I tell myself that I could change my life. The situation Audrey is similar to dozens of other heirs, who have had to deal with the existence of offshore accounts. Why not regularized? Some have contacted the tax authorities. How has she experienced the situation when in 2016 the worldwide media reveal the great names of fraudsters within the Panama Papers? "I had the right to a reassuring speech of Henri de Croy who says I'm lucky not to have kept the Swiss account." Fairly reassuring not to come out of hiding. It does not benefit fromthe drunk tank Bercyopen until 31 December 2017 and which guaranteed a relative clemency to fraudsters who decided to reveal their situation. This regularization process, the late Audrey will begin in 2018. In the center, Audrey. On the left, the journalist from L'Observateur, Caroline Michel. Right, the journalist Parts evidence, Pascal Henry • Credits:. Abdelhak El Idrissi - Radio France * Andre, who was appointed by his father to manage a bank account in Switzerland inherited a grandfather, said he received his father's instructions not use the money to take care of his mother, seriously ill. Excessive cost to be covered by the single pension and rents pocketed by the old lady. Andrew and Audrey are so independently of each other, meet Henri de Croy and his brother Emmanuel. They say they clearly stated their tax affairs to their interlocutors. The solution proposed to them in both cases is to open a trust in Cyprus and Hong Kong with a bank account to deposit the Swiss funds. The trust is a structure that allows you to place the properties and assets whose management comes down to someone you trust (trustee). This role will be provided by one of the Helin group companies. Business leaders and false invoices Among the customers Helin appear other profiles: entrepreneurs who decide from the late 1990s to the 2010s and set up a system for bills overvalued services or fictitious in order to siphon cash their businesses to send money to bank accounts of offshore companies which they are the real economic beneficiaries. Helin made possible these arrangements by providing front companies in London (Europe Master Direct, European Management Distribution, Sales Limited Woodreach) and Hong Kong (Fortchings). These companies had no employees outside the straw manager. The false invoices could represent hundreds of thousands of euros per year. A company like Fortchings could well issue invoices to companies operating in many industries: pharmaceutical industry, bedding stores, communication, real estate, commerce hygiene products. Each time, the pattern is the same: a contract is made between the French company and one of the front companies of the Helin group. Once the invoices paid by the French company, the money goes by another company before landing on the bank account of undeclared entrepreneur. In passing, Helin takes his commission: about 7% of all transactions, 3% back to business provider. A key person in the tax evasion system. The "introducers" They are accountants, lawyers, bankers or lawyers. They play the role of reel on behalf of the Helin group. According to one of them, Martin *, who agreed to testify, Henri de Croy and his brother Emmanuel will launch in early 2000 in a vast "prospecting" in France. Canvassing aimed first of prescribers who then will customers related Helin. Martin then met them in a Paris hotel near Neuilly-sur-Seine. Following this interview, once established compensation packages, it will present a total of four customers to Henri de Croy. Two of them are women who have accounts in Switzerland. At this meeting, none are in an adjustment logic. "These people did not want to make an adjustment, despite my advice in this direction," says Martin. This has not prevented it to help its clients to continue their practices: I'm not there to manage the private affairs of clients. They are major and vaccinated, they take their responsibilities. Other customers presented by Martin Helin, there is an entrepreneur, consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. He was able, with the help of Helin receive money from the bank account of an offshore company (UAE). The key role of a lawyer One of the main French business providers Helin's group is a Parisian lawyer Patrick Mochkovitch. His name appears in 2002 in the internal documents of Helin. It would be the only one who managed to negotiate a 50% commission representing the margin made by Helin on transactions by its "clients". Since 2002, he has allowed a dozen French customers the services of Helin. Either by creating companies administered from the UAE, or for more specific operations. In 2014, Henri de Croy writes a memo after meeting with the Parisian lawyer and a client: "I met Mochkovtich Me and Mrs. X (name not given me). It has about 100 000 euros in a bank in Switzerland. These same 100,000 will go to Paris. Total cost of the operation: 8%. It is a fair bit but me Mochkovitch had negotiated it. It also expects a retro [commission, note] half. " The same year, another client met Henri de Croy, with Patrick Mochkovitch. The summary that is made by the Belgian Prince: "He has 800,000 in a bank in Israel. He asks for a place to get it back and eventually repatriated. Solution: ARK be a [company in Ras Al Khaimah, note] with a bank account in the Treasury [bank based in the UAE, ed]. " According to internal documents Helin, Patrick was also Mochkovitch customer himself of Helin and was the beneficial owner of an offshore company in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) named Solergy Limited. A company still active in 2018 who held bank accounts in the Bahamas, the UAE and Puerto Rico. The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates) • Credits: MARWAN NAAMANI - AFP We joined Patrick Mochkovitch that pitted us the "professional secrecy". His lawyer, Pierre-Olivier Sur, then contacted us to send us this first response: It follows from our discussion that the aggregate information of the file that would have come up on you, need to be seriously addressed and relativized. For the full facts which our client could have known, financial flows have never crossed the Franco-Swiss border. Indeed, these were exclusively housed ab initio in Switzerland and, after presentation to the group became HELIN, administered by the latter in dedicated structures and countries with which the company worked. We relaunched with a list of 24 specific questions. He told us he could not answer questions because of confidentiality. The cash money and anonymous cards Among the services offered by Helin its customers, including the French, there was the "making available" money. This is the last part of this vast tax evasion scheme. This is to allow customers in France to have a portion of their money abroad. In cases where customers are experiencing fraud under the law, we talk about tax evasion laundering. Initially, the money is given directly in the form of tickets. Andrew remembers that during the implementation of its trust in Cyprus and the bank account, his father directly recovering the money in Paris: He asked the amount he wanted to have and showed him where someone would hand him an envelope with money in it. Rarely in one place. When his father dies, Andre finds himself "practice" system itself: "It happened in the same way but this solution does not suit me It was relatively large sums if I asked for... other solutions could be developed and offered me cash withdrawal cards. " To not link the bank cards to the end customer, Helin will open in late 2007 an account in a Cypriot bank sulphurous: FBME. An institution since closed because of legal problems in the United States. The account Helin to FBME was opened on behalf of a group of front company. This company received by transfer money offshore clients and put them available to Visa or Mastercard anonymous. A system summarized by Henri de Croy in a memo: The procedure for obtaining is very simple, just fill out a one page form, choosing the type of card and the authorized monthly limit. Upon receipt of the form, the bank issues the card within 5 working days. (...) These cards, as evidenced by numerous memos used to remove up to 250 000 per year for the biggest cash consumers. A manual also shows qu'Helin used another card system seems even more opaque: prepaid cards. They are not backed by any bank account, and would not easily traceable. The Visa Platinum card can remove up to 250 000 per year for the biggest cash consumers. As for cash distributions, customer ATM cards distributions are made by people described as "distributors". Customers "should call the English number and we will contact them. In fact, the distributor (whose name can not be known to the client) will contact the customer when it is ready and will give them a place of appointment" wrote Henri de Croy in a fax sent to one of his colleagues in the Emirates. These made available are the most sensitive aspect of Helin system. Croÿ Henry is well aware and repeats employees to be vigilant, "_The cards are dangerous systems. We must therefore limit the issuance of these cards to very few users and repeat them constantly that it is only for cash_ outputs. "In another fax:" Once again, the cards are our tendon Achilles (sic). I remind you that it is enough that one customer who has a problem to an administrative request to the card issuer allows the tax authorities and the police to trace everyone. " It is for this reason that "small customers" of Helin continued to receive money directly in cash. According to testimony gathered that the distributor arrived in France with maps with a significant withdrawal limit. But he had to go around the ATM to withdraw the necessary funds. Each vending machine having reserve tickets quickly exhausted, the withdrawals took place at night as evidenced by surveys that we could see. An opaque organization ... For the most sensitive cases, Helin had a luxury nominee: Geraldine Whittaker. A British financial head of a Swiss charitable foundation. According to our evidence, Henri de Croy would not hesitate to use this argument with the most fearful customers. In 2016, weeks after the Panama Papers, one of its French customers is the question of regularizing his situation with the tax authorities. Here Henry set Croÿ sent to an employee "must allay fears that the client seems to have. If they are due to Panama Papers, was specifically used Geraldine Whittaker to avoid such incidents. That's his name, and not that of the client, which appear everywhere. This reduces the risk to almost zero. " Geraldine Whittaker receives the Legion of Honor, awarded by Nicolas Sarkozy in September 2010. Geraldine Whittaker's lawyer explained that his client's trust was abused at a time when she had major health concerns. And it was used as a nominee for it despite some structures Helin group. ... and fits The longevity of Helin system could also be explained by its special attention to changing tax laws in France, in Europe and globally. The managers keep abreast of any changes to legislation concerning the fight against tax fraud. In 2010, Emmanuel de Croy sends an email to his brother Henry to comment on the creation in France of the national prosecution of tax delinquency Brigade (BNRDF): "It shows that there is a will and increased resources from the French authorities to gather information on alleged tax evasion. New pressures are made on those who exercise our profession, traveling (or living) in France, and visit their clients. In conclusion, we must be very careful about what one carries in France (perhaps it is better to wear jeans a banker suit). " In 2014, in the wake of the Cahuzac affair, a new law comes into force and strengthens the fight against tax fraud. Henri de Croy took advice from a French lawyer: "The lawyer made me a scary description of legislative developments in France Difficult to see a 100% legal legal structure (...) He noted that some issues can hurt..: • a) the penalties are increased; • b) intermediates directly targeted; • c) if a group of people are trapped, one of them may have an immunity agreement, in other words the customer can get by and leave us in trouble; All this requires from us great rigor. This means that we no longer accept smaller customers." In fact, the Helin system has evolved over the years. Billing of French companies has gradually been stopped in the middle of the 2010s Luxembourg companies were moved to the UAE, and from 2018 to the Marshall Islands, if one believes the documents related to the transfer of these companies. In parallel, the bank accounts of these companies have migrated from Switzerland to the Bahamas and Dubai. Currently, still active customers in Helin have seen open bank accounts in Puerto Rico. The money is then invested in a mutual fund in Mauritius. This complex pattern is supposed to protect the identity of customers and stand the automated data exchange set up by the OECD. A grain of sand But this latest flu Helin system in 2017. Henri de Croy accused a Russian-Swiss financier of stealing 18 million euros on the accounts. What the person is defending. All Helin assets have since blocked. A criminal case was opened in the UAE. In Switzerland, according to our colleague from the Swiss media group Tamedia, five customers have filed complaints include unfair management. In the process, the national financial prosecutor (PNF)opened an investigation there a few weeks ago for tax evasion laundering. We asked the Swiss lawyer Henri de Croy. It only responds to the dispute between his client the Russian-Swiss financier. On the tax evasion allegation, Henri de Croy gave it a few months agoan interviewthe Swiss newspaper Le Matin Dimanche in which he explained: "I dispute the allegations. I have not committed any criminal offense. The Helin group made wealth management. He practices tax optimization as all trustees and all Swiss banks. Perhaps it is not very moral to some, but it is not illegal in the eyes of the law. But I have never used Helin to set up a money laundering system or tax fraud. But I do not exclude errors by administrators who arrived after me in the business. " Emmanuel de Croy and Bernard Ouazan did not respond to our requests * Names have been changed
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new fred
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It should come with restitution for his troubles, Clarice. The combo would produce enough liberal tears to flood the coasts.
WTF? Y'all mentioned HF and now my FB is covered in Pikachu ads for Pokemon. Kill me now!
I'm now stuck in moderation and just called him a chicken shit for not broadcasting my banning by highlighting my comment in banning me like HF, narc and others. Weasel.
yep, Gus. It does.
The nadir was the Rush comment that he hoped Obama failed, Clarice. Pat went ballistic when JG defended the claim based on intent. Then Pooter went after JG claiming he could best define intent (though it was JGs bread and butter) and got all butt hurt when he was humiliated. He even went as low to GGreenwald himself. It ended up with about half the conservative side of the blogosphere staking a claim and severely dividing them. Pooter also went as far as to solicit others to bolster his claims when he was getting his ass kicked. And all that was happening when DFritch was really harassing JG about his son. Pooter made an ass out of himself over that, too.
Goldstein broke him. Fitting to use that episode to watch the meltdown, I think. Questioning his 'judgment' seems to be his biggest trigger, Gus. He absolutely can't stand having it questioned after he renders judgment. For all his nattering about Trumpers being idolizers, Pooter expects that treatment for himself. So much projection, we could see his immolation from space.
Congrats to all who have been banned! I'm still playing with him, but the latest should put him over the edge. It's been put in moderation. "Do you wish for Trump to fail? That would be the ultimate irony now wouldn’t it? Pooter channeling Rush and defending the other side of that argument than before. Consistency isn’t your strong suit, is it? Clown car for one!"
Sorry for the delay... yes that was Goldstein's thing. He actually did his dissertation on it IIRC and taught it at a college somewhere. Just the thing to get Pooter inflamed is a reminder of his tilting at that windmill. That baboon's ass is still red from that smackdown by PW. I'm not sure if the redness is from the humiliation or just a sex signal cause he gets off on the masochism of the whole incident. He is one sick puppy.
bmeuppls is me. Old old net handle from AOS and PW days.
OK, this post was obviously linked by some high traffic mouthbreather. Who was it? I’m going to leave comments open despite my last comment because the influx of insane people is entertaining to me. Patterico (c9faae) — 4/20/2019 @ 4:16 pm
I dropped by and left a steaming pile for the insane DA using my old PW handle. It will never see the light of day I'm sure. I made sure to use an analogy just to really set him off. Back to cleaning for the grandkiddies to come tomorrow for a big Easter Egg Hunt and some low country boil. Mudbugs FTW! Now, if the farking weather will warm up to the 70s like it is supposed to... Jane, I need a good recommendation on some places to look at in Port Charlotte and PG area as it looks like K and D and Ariel are going to be moving to TX in the next 6 months, so I think we may be out of here. My SIL in Sarasota has set up a search for 3/2 canal front with pools for houses, but I still think I would prefer a condo or town home but with a private backyard space for puttering around in if there is such a thing. Thanks!
Based on these new facts, do you think Sessions should still be criticized for recusing himself from the Russian collusion investigation? Have you ever seen a post from me weighing in on one of your suppositions one way or the other? Adjust your theories all you want, but don't expect me to follow you through your garden of Gethsemane as you search for your truth saying "agree agree disagree, etc." At this point, I'm not sure what to believe except that M is a black hat and a piss poor facsimile for Superman. No truth, justice nor the American way in his past, so no way in hell can he change his spots. He is what he has always been - a corrupted shark in search of his next meal.
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regular democrat - one who sits in a hot tub as their neighbors are continually cranking the temp turning red as a beet and proclaiming the water is fine. AKA a boiled frog and/or endangered species.
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Except that little issue of always asking if anyone agrees with you. I refuse to repost anything on FB or twitter that ends with AmIRight? Who is with me? or other pleas for consensus in one form or another; because, it just sets my teeth on edge. Have the courage to stand alone and quit looking for others to join you in a See! See! So and so thinks so, too!!! bullying tactic. If your post is good enough, others will repost it or comment an agreement. If not, quit blegging.
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Based on what we know now from the Mueller report, does everyone now agree that Sessions was legally required to recuse himself? Why is TomR so insecure in his bedrock beliefs that he tries to cloak himself in the crowd for camofluage? What the hell difference to your beliefs does it make whether you are a party of one or just one of many? If you are so insecure in your bedrock belief, maybe the problem isn't everyone else here, but it is you. “Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.” I'm so tired of the passive aggressive self doubt disguised as pseudo persuasion. If you so firmly believe that you are right, why are you so damned obsessed with finding someone to agree with you? Afraid of exposure? More fun in a crowd? =============== And dammit Beasts, it's a Mater Sammich not a Tomato Sandwich!
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Sharyl Attkisson ‏Verified account @SharylAttkisson Based on my info, we may be missing an important point in all this. People keep pointing to "political bias" in the 2016 capers. I'm not discounting that, but there's a bigger overarching theme, I think. Important intel officials also did not want @realDonaldTrump because..(cont) 8:08 PM - 18 Apr 2019 ...@realDonaldTrump and his admin stood to expose alleged longstanding criminal wrongdoing within intel agencies. Not just what happened in 2015-2016. Some officials were/are desperately fighting for their lives/freedom. #GovtSpyingOnJournalists etc. #WoodsProceduresViolations
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^^^ don't know if that is in there or not, but the comment was so full of loLOLOLs
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My favorite line in the report so far at the bottom of page 44: Julian Assange, speaking of @HillaryClinton "She's a bright, well connected, sadistic sociopath."
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Info please...I'm stuck watching the Mickey Mouse Club today.
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Well, if they save some bud, they CAN sell it on the side. :)
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The daughter and her hubs came by and dropped off a box full of pralines from River Street Sweets. I'm about to go into a full sugar coma! So worth it, though. Yum.
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This comment on FB made me snorfle: Booty gig? He's the Mayor of South Bend Over.
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