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Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma
the ATL
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First published case of intracranial central nervous system manifestation of COVID-19. Female airline worker in her fifties with COVID-19-associated Acute Hemorrhagic Necrotizing Encephalopathy Dr Shah is a radiologist here in Virginia. Patient had no known pre-existing health problems and tested negative for other viruses known to be associated with this condition.
Did you hear about the yacht builder that had to work from home? His sails went through the roof!
Emerald Robinson ✝️ @EmeraldRobinson · 51m Why would Virginia Governor Ralph Northam issue a stay-at-home order on March 30th that lasts until June 10th? Probably because Virginia's Republican primary is on June 9th. Can governors unilaterally suspend the election process?
Sorry had it backwards FARMERS AND FISHERMEN I do that every time! RSE Farmers and Fishermen are part of the Halpern's group - remember them from Lenox Mall?
Yep, Clarice. Some of their vendors are doing the same. We have an excellent vendor in the ATL that is now doing home deliveries... Fishermen and Farmers . Excellent meat, seafood and OMG a really good BBB burger that is Beef Brisket, Pork Boston Butt, & Adam Cox Pork Bacon Blend for hand pressing your burgers. Their prices are at IIRC 10% markup from wholesale and they are doing a booming business. I'm ordering some of these for this weekend: 38oz Choice Angus Beef Rib Tomahawk (Limited Offering) 1 per pack | 2 packs per box | 19.95/lb Fred Flintstone got nuttin on me!!!
HEB Texans swear by them, Joan. Since I'm in the FS business (well the trade association), I'll just mention that a lot of the restaurant suppliers are now rerouting food to grocers as their normal orders from restaurants are down - even if they are still doing curbside/drive thru. Many donated overstock to local food pantries in their areas, too. Sysco, PYA Monarch, US Foods and others are taking it in the shorts right now.
Corned Beef Husky. Ugh. From the Chinese market? /ducks
(Dow Jones) -- WASHINGTON -- A new survey finds widespread public support for aggressive measures like government cellphone tracking and mandatory health screenings in public places to curb the spread of coronavirus, which has infected more than 180,000 Americans. The new results from Harris Poll show that support for such policies -- even when they might affect privacy and civil liberties -- crosses a spectrum of demographic and ideological lines, suggesting that policy makers have significant latitude from the public in crafting emergency responses to combat the virus. The Harris survey, which was conducted online between March 28-30, reveals that 60% of adults back giving government officials access to anonymized cellphone location data to establish whether Americans are complying with social-distancing instructions. The poll also finds that 71% of Americans would be willing to share their own mobile location data with authorities to receive alerts about their potential exposure to the virus -- for example, if they were near a suspected or known coronavirus carrier.
Ohh the sales pitch to sign up for their website/vlog/blog/newsletter!
The strangest thing in all this, though, is thinking of myself as one of the old, at-risk geezers at whom the direst cautions are directed! When did that happen? About the same time the gray hair started hiding in the bathroom mirror:) Yep. But I've been trending gray since 25. :( Could be worse, both brothers have been trending bald since they were 21. One just shaves off what is left and the other had plugs. LOL
Broad Us vs Snaps... Roses!
Yep that is who is running the webinar...
Anyone know anything about ITR Economics? I've been asked to listen to a webinar that started at 2 by NAFEM on the black swan event. So far the datapoints they are showing are buying the China mfg #s for restart as accurate.. Does not inspire faith in the webinar. :(
Papiere, bitte! I posted that on the local FB page last night and they were totes clueless. Idiots! They were all demanding the cops start pulling over cars to see where all the 30% of usual traffic was going.
There is no application anywhere yet for the PPP. Standard relief loans yes, at 3.75% for 30 years, but not the PPP.
Henry, This is the disaster loan application. And if you use this for one issue you can't use PPA funds (which are forgiven for 8 weeks) for payroll. You can use it for payroll outside of the 8 weeks but not at the same time.
The art of misdirection.. not gonna run not a damn word about accepting if he is 'drafted.'
Carpetbaggers - Party like it's 1868! Gack!
The stasi here are out in force on the neighborhood listservs today. "OMG there are cars on Scenic Hwy! They need to stay at home" "Who can I call about Academy Sports? They aren't an essential business!" "The nail salon next to Michael's had their 'Open' Sign on!" "Best Buy is open" "Target is open and the parking lot has several cars" "Hobby Lobby is open" Derp. Can't go get curbside w/o driving. Academy sells guns therefore essential. The nail salon probably left their sign on. Best Buy is curbside pick up and they sell wifi stuff if your internet goes down for work from home/homeschool. Target sells groceries and has a pharmacy. Hobby Lobby for school supplies for projects for teachers. Damn! Most are transplants from Chicago and NY. Feels like Sherman is on a rampage again!
My guy says they do have delivery service. Maybe it depends on the neighborhood.
I confirmed with one of my Indian workers today that the police in Dehli are in fact beating anyone caught outside. If you have seen some of the vids, he confirmed it was true. Wow.