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My wife and I love part I and II and can't wait to watch part III on Amazon (we missed it in the theaters). We are democrats, by the way. :) However, the message makes a lot of sense, as long as taken in the proper context. Of course, the old and sick, should be taken care of. This only applies to the lazy and wilfully ignorant. I grew up in the, then socialist, Eastern Europe and left (now live in the US) for reasons very similar to that of the main characters in the movie (as well as Rand herself), so the story really hits home. Of course, the books/movies exaggerate the concept, but there is a core of truth there. If you establish a system (communism) that rewards the lazy and willfully ignorant, you will end up with a depressing world that is left behind. You will wait 5 years to get a car, if you can call those miserable pieces of crap cars (look up the Trabant), crumbling old buildings, no innovation, no hope.
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Oct 6, 2014