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I find Simon Parkes absolutely fascinating. I’ve recently listened to all of his interviews that are available on YouTube. Simon is consistently detailed but succinct, very direct, and yet always delightfully personable. Many times he will answer a question in such a way that could invite a further line of questioning, but his interviewers often miss the invitation and move on with their own agenda. I felt that Alfred Lambremont Webre asked very astute questions in this interview that allowed Simon to expound on his own very unique story. While I find Simon’s interviews chock full of revelations of pertinent information for this point in time, I have never heard him discuss the proverbial “elephant in the room” — the Photon Belt. For decades, indigenous elders have spoken of the Photon Belt as occurring in the first half of the second decade of this century. The Photon Belt and everything that it entails is indeed imminent, including an immediate and permanent change to the 5th dimension for Gaia and humanity. No life forms that exist below the 5th dimension will be able to survive in the Photon Belt, including the 4th dimensional Mantids. In another interview, Simon explains that the Mantid’s agenda is to “piggyback” on the upcoming ascension of humanity to gain their own “ascension.” The need to “piggyback” on the ascension of humanity indicates that the Mantids apparently do not have enough Light of their own to accomplish this. This “free entry” into the immortal realms conflicts with all Cosmic Universal Law that I am aware of, which has strict requirements for a lifestream to ascend to the 5th dimension, regardless of what else one may read on the Internet. My understanding is that all life forms on Earth, that have not earned their Ascension through their long history of wise and loving deeds, will be transported to other planets that match their vibration, where further learning can take place. According to Simon, the Mantids have performed horrific abductions and experiments on humanity for eons, right up to the present moment. In my opinion, this behavior doesn’t make them likely candidates to qualify for the Ascension, in spite of their wishful thinking. Also, all those who see a long linear timeline going forward on planet Earth, such as is presented in this interview, are not taking into consideration that an ascended planet requires a complete planetary washing and a new garment. As Simon often quotes, “You can’t put new wine into an old wine skin.” This scenario of Ascended Planet Gaia is completely unacceptable to the Elite, who have invested so heavily into this slave planet. However, while “off-worlders” have been able to stave off the planetary pole shift and other major Earth changes prior to our entry into the Photon Belt, no “off-worlders” will be able to prevent the effects of the Photon Belt, which will be immediate once we enter the NULL ZONE. Of course, the Elite know about the Photon Belt, and they think they will be able to survive it in underground bunkers or by relocating to the moon or Mars. However, the new 5th dimensional vibration of our entire solar system will shake them off like fleas from a dog. Simon has made a strong contribution to the enlightenment of humanity by revealing much important and timely information. I believe that the good news is that our entire universe is about to go through a higher dimensional shift, including Gaia. The bad news for the planetary Elite is that they will have a rude awakening when they find themselves in another “schoolroom,” in spite of all their efforts to avoid this, for this is Cosmic Universal Law.
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Oct 18, 2014