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“I think we are dealing with cunning and unprincipled but fundamentally stupid people" Patrick Armstrong Years ago, someone who used to comment here, said not to equate cunning with intelligence. I finally get it. They have consistently told you, they intended to control the narrative and preceded to create the narrative. Then you get tied up arguing about it while they are busy organizing and taking action. At what point do we “get it.” We’re behind the curve, they’ve been organizing for years and embedded themselves in the government. Like a parasite hooks on to a host. Check out this plan of action for King Co. Washington. Seattle is in King County. How much of this is happening in your part of the country? It’s not about a level playing field or competence, it’s about social justice, equity, diversity and “unity”(submission). It’s about controlling the narrative to manipulate. Look at the level of organization, the amount of resources they have.They are intentionally changing the shape of government and we’re are paying for it. They have a plan, they have organization and they have resources and they’ve working it. It’s a color revolution and it’s about winning. They’ve been doing it for years. They revealed themselves in the Time magazine, so what? They’re still controlling the narrative, as they wrap themselves in self-righteousness, they are heroes to the cause They showed their hand, revealed themselves, what is anyone here going to do? . You want to get a handle on the strange “President Elect” machinations check out the book by Dr.Robert Cialdini, “Pre-Suasion.” The message was created, someone organized a series of events and someone in control made sure people fell in line with the narrative and its presentation. Impressive, it worked. There is some form of central control that told the rioters when to stand down. All this takes time and money. None of this is about competence and effective policy and, yes, they stole the election. They’ll be taking action to steal the next. It’s in your face, like the street hood and his gang, trying to stare you down while they say, “So what, what are you going to do about it? “
The Democrats and their apparatus controlled and created a narrative. Because the rally was peaceful some action was needed to create photo opportunities, so capital police then allowed the protestors in the building. Timing to disrupt the introduction of evidence, move attention from a corrupt election and frame the protesters as insurrectionists. They controlled and created the narrative.
Can the Supreme Court, order the four states in question to hold another vote?
I agree with you. I saw elements of the color revolution that the previous administration used to destabilize governments being used in the U.S. at that time. It seems the man behind the curtain is using skilled rhetoric, linguistics, NLP, persuasion principles and hypnosis tactics. These tactics are are also pointedly being used, to get around the law and and any meaningful accountability. This appears to being done in a coordinated, organized and continuous method. This gave meaning to the quote from Larry Johnson from “Intelligence: The Human Factor” by Col Lang. “Be quick to ask ask why and insist on hard empirical evidence to corroborate or refute a statement claimed as fact. Hopefully, you will discover that National Security is not based on on deploying the the most technologically sophisticated metal detector or hiring new thousands of new specialists—but on freedom and “ the rule of law”. The freedoms we enjoy belong to citizens who know their rights and understand how their government works.” This Youtube breakdown of Adam Schiff’s closing statement, gives insight into some of the tactics I am speaking of, better than I could explain it.
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There is a 5th element that is seldom mentioned, psychiatric drugs.
The pattern I have been seeing for some time now, is some group is creating a color revolution in the United States. You can see the same tactics being used again and again. The coordination of action and message. The ability to stay on message. The organization and resources being made available to create situations and the organization to control the message that is presented after the event. The events being managed/staged to create a strong visual image for broadcast, that in turn creates a strong emotional response.
An honest prespective, from a young man in Sweden, on the impact of refuges in Sweden.
Hillary doubles down with her apology and her supporters wonder what's the uproar about. The the implied conceit and contempt is now explicit.
Patrick, Your article has the clearest insight, of any I have read on this incident. Thank you. The responses to your article brings to mind a past post by Babak about not confusing cunning and intelligence. A neuro- psychologist gave me some advice in dealing with specifically with psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists, which can be sometimes useful in dealing with people in general. "Using emotional intelligence with someone that has an agenda puts you in harms way." It seems few people have the skill sets and insights to use anything outside of EI. Thanks again Richard E
In the late 60s. My mother and her neighborhood friends would have coffee a couple times a week. One day I asked what they talked about. Seems the tv was showing footage of the Vietnam War. So most of the men were having nightmares. Seems she and Marge were sharing because my father, a Korean War,1st division marine and her husband a army infantry Battle of the Buldge vet were having what might be called screaming nightmares. What kind of man would knowingly put their daughter in that kind of situation.
The Marine Corp did a 36 million dollar study of women in combat. Here are the results. Sec of Navy said it was biased. Why,well he didn't get the results he wanted,so the test is biased,obviously.
Tyler, Fred Does it seem strange to you, that no party leader remembers the message that the the Republicans won the last election with.
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Wa. State male 61 Trump or will not vote
A little off subject but might be interesting to some here.Dallas has recently allowed a Sharia tribunal to be established.
For anyone wanting an beginning understanding of sociopathy, here is a link, to get started. Empathy is the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. Which sounds nice, but if you have ever worked with these types of people it is almost meaningless. Unless of course you are a psychic or some kind of mind reader. Then it still doesn't matter, because your dealing with their behaviors not their aberrant feelings and thoughts. Has anyone posting actually talked to an individual that enjoyed the movie. If the answer is no,then a lot of the writing here is puerile trash served up to an ignorant and narcissistic audience who lap it up. The fact that the real life basis for the protagonist is deceased seems to make him the the ideal vessel for these writers to project their biases and flights of fancy. Seems Clint has made a movie everyone can hang something on.
Mark Don't have an answer for your question. I was raised in the Ozarks and currently live on the west coast. Be careful, that can be a slippery slope to nowhere, during the last economic recession, alot of municipal and state governments started raising,creating and aggressively going after fines and fees to get income to cover revenue shortfall. It hit low income and fixed income of all races.
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