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When my mother was dying of breast cancer, we had many of those important conversations one has with a dying loved one. One of the most memorable, and emotional, was her making sure I knew she wanted my dad to find love again, and that in no way was it a betrayal of her; that I was to even encourage him to date again once he was ready. Another less emotional conversation, but no less memorable, was her making sure I knew that her New York shiva -- my parents were bicoastal -- would be catered by Zabar's. That's so her, ensuring everyone who came to pay their last respects was well-fed. Writing this 12 years after the fact brings a smile to my face, and I thank my dear friend Ilana who directed me to your site after getting your email requesting such stories, saying, "Why don't you tell them about how your mom wanted Zabar's to cater her shiva?")
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Nov 4, 2014