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Dr. Strange Love
Low-Down County, Northern Virginia
SW/HW Engineer, Certified Blues Man Guitar Picker, Home Builder in my spare time, Trained Thinker
Interests: Low-cost efficient mobility, Home Geothermal Systems, Fixing Old Refrigerators and Old Geothermal Systems
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@Newer Post: "Based on a three-year study of toxic and environmentally relevant pollutants from gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines, Swiss researchers have concluded that some GDI engines emit just as many soot particles as unfiltered diesel cars did in the past. Further, the GDI particles carry numerous carcinogenic substances. Based on this current data, they recommend that particulate filters be mandatory for GDI engines..." Get the Camp Fire going kids.
Who cares about the Study. Failure increases as you reduce the cycle times. Look at HVAC Compressors. Short-cycling compressors is a No-No if you want longevity of the compressor. Its no different for these batteries.
@Davemart. It seems very exciting. The current densities from these earth abundant materials are 2+ orders magnitude higher at <300mV over-potentials than the Rare Earth applications. This is good news. They also mentioned 10K cycles in a 1 Molarity KOH alkaline solution and I am assuming the current densities held-up at < 300mV over-potentials, so the substrates seem stable enough under these conditions.
Ya. Does sound good. Also, CARB is in the board room right now looking at ways to serve NOVs against it too. CARB has revenue generation on their Scorecard. Diesels are easy targets. Imagine if CARB went after Gassers, they would be out of Business. The California Commoner would come after them real quick. The California Commoner which is 99% of their Tax base has NO ideas they exist.
System Requirement Specifications, Version 1.0 ReqID 1: The system shall travel 500 miles on a single battery charge in 0 Degree Fahrenheit weather with the Cabin at a constant temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, ReqID 2: The system shall travel 500 miles on a single battery charge in 100 Degree Fahrenheit weather with the Cabin at a constant temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, ReqID 3: The system shall be accessible to the average Consumer with a Base starting price of $20,000 Can anyone think-up some additional requirements?
In fact, this Post has nothing to do with Green at all.
SJC. The article will let you believe that this process is green, because this article does not cover the entire cycle. HCs are no more topical than Nuclear Energy or Solar or Wind.
2nd law of Thermodynamics, "the entropy of a system always increases over time or remains constant in ideal cases". I guess we need to rewrite the law because liquid nitrogen must be free (...Pooooffff...). You cannot change the tendency toward chaos/disorder. How old is this knowledge? Sure they can use waste heat from some industrial process to "be more green", but this machine is a slave to other energetic processes "Upstream". I get it now. Use dirty energy in rural areas to help produce the cryogenic medium, then use it in the Big City so folks think they have something green. This is the typical urban, congested, "Human Habitrail" dystopian mindset.
If CARB was really concerned about the Environment, they would have a more Holistic View of Environmental Repair. Put Children to work to design and build projects to Repair the Environment around them. Children love this kind of stuff. Use ALL of the money that CARB "Earns" issuing fines and NOVs to fund Elementary and Middle School (HS if funds remain) for Riparian and other environmental Reclamation projects. Children will be your Conduit to a better cleaner environment. This is definitely "More Bang for the Buck" than replacing a few old broken down buses. Those buses will eventually be replaced through attrition with better technology anyway. This is CARB with their atypical "blame everything on HC" mentality. California is washing into the sea (mudslides) and has a water deficit problem. Johnny Appleseed can be your Savior.
Rachel Carson exposed the dangers of pesticides gone wild in the early sixties book Silent Spring. She did not condemn the use of pesticides however. One of my Aunts' had big health problems with spores and molds. Others have severe food allergies. I have s a genetic immune problem. Emissions (natural or man made) are of concern, but should not be over played. You breath more toxic smoke roasting marshmallows on a brisk cold day with your kids than you get from most things. You don't see these folks saying someone should get fined. Give me a break.
A blog and class action website. Neither are truth. Here is a truthful statement: "Green plants are green because they contain a pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll absorbs certain wavelengths of light within the visible light spectrum. ... Green light is not absorbed but reflected, making the plant appear green. Chlorophyll is found in the chloroplasts of plants." I am not a politician. I am an Engineer.
Yoatman. Is your capital being devoured by Fusion and H2 work? If it isn't, then you shouldn't have any worries other than a wasted investment opportunity.
I frequently use Parts cleaners and some really nasty substances when I am rebuilding an Old tractor transmission or refinishing an old piece of furniture. You don't see me in the Hospital.
My wife uses sprays and lotions that bother the h@*& out of me. Why didn't I report her.
Arnold. Love your Unbiased sources: ...
Wear a fine particle gas mask if it bothers you. Many cultures use a hearth to heat their shack/hut/tent and the hearth doubles as their kitchen oven. I don't see them constantly complaining and sniveling. Armed forces carry masks. You never know when you might need it. Perhaps a mask should be part of our every day wardrobe as well.
A Segway. On my way to work this morning I was behind a Volt, clouds of cigarette smoke billowing out. On my trip home, it was a Tesla with even more smoke coming out of the cabin. It had to be a Hookah. You talk about hypocrisy.
E-Motors are already about as efficient as you can get. Margins are real small in this market too. You also have DC ECM 2.3 and better technology in the HVAC market. Maybe they will corner and lock down as many Intellectual patents as possible so no one else can make money.
Forget the mobility stuff, will you? Give us a 7+ Cubic ft. Ventless HeatPump cloths dryer that can compete for $750 and then you have something. No need to advertise. Folks will beat a path to your door. Electric resistive and gas dryers must be retired. Energy and pollution hogs.
Where is the Green Energy coming from to feed the not so green process?
What makes PEM electrolysis so Green? 'a recent scientific comparison showed that state-or-the-art alkaline water electrolysis shows competitive or even better efficiencies than PEM water electrolysis' .... .... 'Schalenbach, M; Tjarks G; Carmo M; Lueke W; Mueller M; Stolten D (2016). "Acidic or Alkaline? Towards a New Perspective on the Efficiency of Water Electrolysis". Journal of The Electrochemical'
How many of these Latino households have smokers (cigarettes, cigars, mary-jane, crack cocaine ...)?
Why didn't Honda choose to partner with Academia and the Chesapeake? Chesapeake has a lot more historical significance. Oh, I forgot. CARB and Left Coast politics.