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Ian Norman (Lonely Speck)
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The FE lens lineup is still new. At this stage in Fujifilm's X-mount infancy, they had more gaps in their lineup than Sony FE mount has now. I own both X-mount and FE mount cameras (X-T1 and A7S) and I think that both systems have their distinct advantages as-is and I expect that Sony's system will develop in time. I don't know why there is this mantra that Sony doesn't have it together when it comes to their FE lens lineup. It's merely very young. Also, Sony already has numerous lenses available or announced that at the very least offer the same coverage as Fujifilm: Fujinon 10-24/4 -> Sony FE 16-35mm/4 Fujinon 35mm/1.4 -> Sony Zeiss FE 55mm/1.8 Fujinon 23mm/1.4 -> Sony Zeiss FE 35mm/1.4 (announced) Fujinon 27mm/2.8 -> Sony FE 35mm/2.8 Fujinon 18mm/2 -> Sony FE 28mm/2 (announced) Fujinon 50-140mm/2.8 -> Sony FE 70-200mm/2.8 Fujinon 60mm Macro -> Sony FE 90mm/2.8 Macro (announced) Fujinon 16-55/2.8 (announced) -> Sony FE 24-70/4 Fujinon 18-55/2.8-4 -> Sony FE 28-70/3.5-5.6 Fujinon 18-135/3.5-5.6 - Sony FE 24-240/3.5-5.6 (announced) The focal lengths that Fujifilm has covered (or at least planned) and Sony has not yet announced: Fujinon 14mm/2.8 - Need a fast FE 20mm prime, although arguably covered by the FE 16-35/4 Fujinon 16mm/1.4 (announced) -> Need a fast FE 24mm prime Fujinon 90mm/2 (announced) -> Need a fast FE 135mm prime Fujinon 56mm/1.2 -> Need a fast FE 85mm prime a The FE mount has only been around since December of 2013. That's just a year. I'm frankly impressed by their progress in such a short time.
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Dec 4, 2014