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Sherman Oaks, California
Stay humble.
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As i read this article, i began to have flash backs of when I was a child. I realized that society very much changed over the years. As a young girl, I remember how much I loved The Disney characters and just playing with all the toys I owned of the famous Micky and Minnie Mouse. Today, I realize that kids aren't like that anymore. infants choose to play with iphones rather than toys. It is almost as if they are born with the skills of how to use an iPhone or iPad. I drive by Middle Schools and notice young teenagers wearing pounds of makeup and inappropriate clothing. That was the least of worries in my day. It worries me how society changes not for the better but, for the worse.
I actually agree and disagree. The book written by, Balbara Enrenreich tells us that thinking positive is not always the key to success. Yes it is good to think positive because positive attitude will make you a happier person over all. However, at times people have to realize that it is not only the positive attitude you put in but the amount of effort as well. The more effort you put into something, the better it will turn out to be. Although, this is just my personal opinion.
Teachers usually tell us not to give excuses because they've heard every kind of excuse possible. but as students, we just love to procrastinate and then make excuses for a way out. Although, sometimes they're not really excuses but the sad truth. I can definitely understand the reason why teachers don't believe them most of the time because, they hear it everyday. I can personally give an example of my own experience. One semester ago, a very close family member of mine passed away and it was very tragic to the point where I was not able to concentrate on homework or even listen to class lectures. I did not attend class for one week. Since it was a short semester, I was extremely behind after i went back to class after one week. It felt as if I missed about a month of class and i just couldn't feel worse about myself. I had no choice but to talk to my professors and ask for some time to catch up. Luckily, one of them was very understanding enough to give me time to get back on track but, the other did not agree to give me time and I quickly assumed that he thought I was making up an excuse. Expect the unexpected. Things happen sometimes and there is just no way out and your forced to deal with the unfortunate consequences. After this horrible five weeks I experienced, I learned to tell myself that life won't always be perfect but, I cannot let anything interfere with my school work as much as I did.
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Dec 10, 2014