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Fact is Tacoma remains the best midsize truck in its segment. Voted best resale above all vehicles for 2015 for 11 years in a row and 2016 only gets better
How many lots does GM have compared to Toyota in North America or Ford. There are 5 GM dealers to one Toyota dealer in my city. So Toyota has 3261 trucks to sell on one lot and GM has 961 trucks to sell on 5 lots. Of course they are going to sell fast off the lots. Toyota has more to sell on less lots. Stats need to account for number of lots as well or they don't make a fair comparison.
The only way a long truck with 4 doors and a box will steel the SUV market is with Quadrasteer. Not 99% but 100% of Quadrasteer owners agree that Quadrasteer is the best option on a truck, that has ever been invented. I traded my Denali for a midsize 4 door Tacoma because full sized trucks are too cumbersome without Quadrasteer and no SUV owner is going to buy a long vehicle without Quadrasteer I didn't buy the GM twins because the front bumper is too low to the ground which has plagued GM sales for decades. The only GM vehicle to hold its value was the old S10 that had good clearance. Tacoma is best because of its family friendly low step in with gobs of clearance, 4 true doors, high re-sale, known reliability and an awesome suspension package that acts like a mini Raptor, only the Tacoma has better approach angles and great lease plans. Just needs an AWD version. The Canyon will always need a snowblower to come to its rescue after the snowplow leaves a bank in the morning. Canyon lost about 20% of their truck buyers who off road, right off the hop with that low bumper. Also, how many want their truck to look off road worthy regardless off whether or not they do off road, just on truck owners taste for a truck that looks off road capable loses them another segment of buyers right of the hop because of a low bumper design. That low bumper is not practical for a truck for a large segment of buyers, especially when this truck is geared towards lifestylers who go off road to hike, bike, camp, etc. Who wants to worry about bumper damage constantly. Off road with a Tacoma; and not having the worry of "is my bumper going to hit" is priceless, not to mention the optional TRD suspension.
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Dec 14, 2014