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Assuming Hydro power is not realistic, even in Norway (97% hydro power production) it would be misleading since Norway is part of the Nordic power system (i.e. ca 200g/kWh). How would this graph look like if you compared a modern Volvo V70 D4 181hp with Tesla S 85KWh 385hp? They are similar in interior size, but not in power or range. A V70 D4 has 4.5 litres/100km combined consumption. This is diesel, but in total the CO2 emission should be less than the Mercedes B180. The battery and accessories for Tesla and B Electric weights ca 700kg and 300kg respectively. Assuming 50% of the CO2 emission in car production is related to battery, the Tesla CO2 emission from this stage is 17 ton/veh (5 x 700/300 + 5). If we assume the energy consumption is proportional with weight, the Tesla uses 27% more energy than B Electric (2100kg/1650kg), i.e. the Electricity Generation phase emission is 15 t/veh (11.9 x 1.27). Based on these rough estimates and with the EU electricity grid mix the Tesla S 85kWh emits ca 33 tons CO2 versus the V70 emits ca 30 tons CO2. So, are we actually reducing the global CO2 emissions or not? What about the subsidies on electric cars?
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Jan 3, 2015