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Dimitri Létourneau
Montréal, Québec, Canada
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Hello again Mr. McAdoo, Thanks for your anwser, I hear you. Sincerely yours,
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Hello Mr. McAdoo, Thank you for your anwser. I understand that it "might" be helpful for the reader to have extra information, and that in doubt we have to "provide more information rather than less". My only concern is that I help undergraduate (and some graduate) students in respecting APA guidelines for their assignments. I think you believe, as I do, that it is not always necessary to provide month, day, or season: as Mrs. Hume-Pratuch said, it "should" be an exception. I think it might be confusing to tell students to "provide more information rather than less" without some kind of principles, as they will have to "judge" when to put "more than less": I fear they will start to put "month, day, and season" for everything, since "more is better than less". I don't know if you ever teached, and it may sound very irrelevant, but these details are crucial for many students (even though it shouldn't). It is also important when grading their assignments (degree to which APA guidelines are respected). In this specific context, I believe it would "clarify" things, especially for students, to encourage them in "providing more information than less" for journals that are atypical (not following the regular volume/issue pattern), or that the volume number alone (or with issue number, when pagination is not continuous), with pages, are not enough for retrieving the article. What do you think? Thanks for your advice. Sincerely yours,
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PS: On this other blog post (, the reference doesn't have the month, even though it is said that "Numbered issues are published 12 times a year, and each article has its own DOI." That was part of my confusion. Thanks again.
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Hello Mrs. Hume-Pratuch, I would like, if you don't mind, to clarify something regarding month and day for journals (periodical). Before I read this blog post, I though, as it is written on page 185 of the manual, that month and/or day and/or season was only for magazines : "For magazines, newsletters, and newspapers, give the year and the exact date of publication (month or month and day) . . . If the date is given as a season, give the year and the season" (APA Publication Manual, 6th ed., p. 185). I got confused when I read this blog post : "Some journals seem to straddle the line between journal and magazine (e.g., Nature, Science, and The Lancet contain peer-reviewed scientific research but are published weekly). Which date format should you follow for articles from these publications? The determining factor is not whether they're called "journal" or "magazine" but how often they're published. In the case of these and other weeklies, use month, day, and year." with this : Hi Debbie, In general, APA style uses the year alone for dates. Month (and sometimes day) are used only when necessary to to help the reader find a document. For example, unlike most journals, each issue of a newspaper starts over with page 1. If you are looking for a specific newspaper article, the year and page number alone are not enough (unless you want to spend the next 6 months of your life hunched over a microfilm reader). The exact date is a real boon in this case. and this : Yes, use it if that's all you've got. However, it would be extremely unusual for a journal to be dated by month or season instead of volume/issue number. That's a strong indication that you are looking at a magazine rather than a journal. Nevertheless, it's a big universe and anything is possible. The example given in this blog post (The Lancet) makes me wonder : is it really necessary to have the month and day for this journal? I mean, the volume alone, since pagination is continuous, wouldn't be enough (like we do for other non-weekly journals)? In that case, month and day should only be used when it doesn't follow the regular volume/issue pattern of a journal? So no need to put month and day for The Lancet or other periodicals published weekly and/or monthly with both volume and issue numbers? Thanks for your clarification. Sincerely yours,
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Jan 11, 2015