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Seth Reeves
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Thanks so much for starting up the podcast again! I was afraid we were going to have to wait until you finished your book on Rome. Really hope I can get on the THoR tour in 2016. That just sounds like the perfect vacation experience to me.
So every week I listen to the podcast at least twice but this week's episode and its description of "Republican Baptism" was so horrible that I might give it more than a week until I re-listen or just skip over that part. The most horrible thing to think of is that compared to all the atrocities all the European countries would commit on each other or to their neighbors in the following centuries would make the French Revolution look like child's play :(
Toggle Commented May 18, 2015 on 3.35- The Law of 14 Frimaire at Revolutions
Hi Mike. I've been listening to you ever since History of Rome and this is my first comment. I really enjoy your podcasts and I think that they should be considered a national treasure. The fact that you do these things for free week after week and only ask for donations and for us to listen to the occasional ad is amazing and I greatly appreciate it. I'm really excited for the next few episodes of the French Revolution. I learned about it in college but my professor wasn't able to get into the gritty detail nor make it as interesting as you have been able to do in this series. Really just want to say a million thanks for producing this podcast week after week and know that there's at least one fan out there compulsively refreshing his iTunes to see when your podcast drops every Sunday.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2015 on 3.23- The Insurrection of August 10th at Revolutions
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Jan 18, 2015