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Ah found this post with this text I remember ... "We are surprised to see this kind of misleading info from the crack team at Google Transit. In presenting transit travel times that don't consider waiting, they are talking about transit as though it worked just like cars, doing a disservice to everyone who wants to consider transit when the choose a location." It seems the guys at Google Maps heard you. I am not sure when but it seems they now include "waiting time" equal to "frequency of service" at the start of a proposed trip. For example this Google Maps Transit Directions query shows a wait time of 20 minutes at the start of the T203 bus journey (frequency 20 minutes at the search time). Screenshot here .
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Minimetro [1] is already at Beta 33 version released 9 Sep 2015. Now with Gif animation playback/export, and audio. I am wondering about that "every city councilor playing a well-designed game" Jarrett mentioned. Any progress? [1]
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This may be a worse example of "not being on the way", from my neck of the woods. bus terminal. Closing a bus terminal in the town centre, and moving it out 9km to the north of the town. Whereas the main bus routes are actually towards east of the town.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2015 on be on the way at Human Transit
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Hi Jarrett. Apologies if you answered this before but Wake Transit expanded report choice of DMU for RRT option intrigues me. In my neck of woods (Kuala Lumpur), seems the EMU/DMU choices have been squarely towards EMU. Was there a more detailed comparison of EMU/DMU that lead to the Wake Transit report choice? Perhaps something like this Caltrain report by JPB in 2011, ?
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Just spent 1 hour plus listening to that lecture. It was great stuff from you, Mariaa and Marcy. Though I did notice some aspects were in your lecture last year at Portland State Universiyt for The Oregon Transportation Summit. . But good things always bears repeating. ;-)
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This is best done by marking zebra crossings IMO. Best? I think the speed table [1] Jarret mentioned, would be a better solution than zebra markings. Particularly since as per example image, the bus stop area is already raised, and can be easily extended over the bike lane, making a speed table. [1]
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Hi Jarrett. Just re-read this as your latest post related to GTFS. Couldn't find one specifically on GTFS though. Did I miss one? Also any update on your last sentence in the article? The good news: I'm involved with people who are working on something better. Stay tuned!
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2015 on the need for maps of your freedom at Human Transit
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Jan 20, 2015