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Marilyn McClellan
Pacific Northwest
Grandmother, Writer, Reader, Puzzle lover, Foodie
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I’ve had two cats do that to me over the years. One was found at a neighbor’s house. He then came home, but we decided to share with the neighbors and he just went back and forth. How can you have a giveaway without Magnus? Glad he’s home!
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The first day I moved to Bellingham, WA, from Los Angeles, I visited a local bookstore for a copy of my favorite “84 Charing Cross Road” for a birthday gift for a friend. The lady at the counter said, “We don’t have that, but do you have a moment?” I answered “yes" and she disappeared. Some minutes later she reappeared and said, “I have called the other bookstores in town. They are holding it for you at Village Books.” I then realized that I had moved to a small town where service was important. At Village Books, also, customers come first, they know their stock, and they will leave the register and take you to the book at any time.
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Blessings to you. It is such a gift for you to be with your father during this time. Thank you for sharing.
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If you want to experience a great popover dining experience, head to Jordan Pond restaurant in Acadia National Park in northern Maine. Each luncheon also comes with two hot popovers per customer. It is a lovely treat.
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Jan 23, 2015