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Well, if you're going by the authentic "Mason" style jars, they always come in standard sizes. I usually use a Quart size for my salads, which will hold about a liter of liquid...I think any smaller and you're not going to get a good sized salad. If you're looking at the smaller sizes just try to find a conversion chart to make sure you get the right size. Hope this helps :)
I love mason jar salads! I usually do a few of these a week as well as my breakfast green smoothies. That way I can be healthy with zero effort, and breakfast and lunch require no thought at all. I'm also in love with olives...I'll buy a jar of green olives and snack on them sometimes. People think it's so weird but I love their flavor and they add so much to a salad. Love the recipes as well. Thanks for sharing! Adia //
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Jan 23, 2015