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I think this is a good article. I think girls and boys should be encouraged to be their best, to have Christlike attributes, get an education, and be useful to the community. It's important for girls and boys to realize that they need to be preparing to be a parent. I don't think it's wrong to teach girls to be great mothers - mothers have a huge impact on the future of their children and because of that, their impact on the future is great as well. So do fathers. I noticed that in the comments, one person mentioned they wondered why we couldn't treat women as children of God instead of future mothers. I agree, and at the same time disagree, with that. Yes, we should treat all people as children of God. That is very important. But most women will actually, in fact, be a mother one day, and it's important to be prepared. Sometimes I think people are afraid of being a 'mother' because they think that means all they will do is cook, clean, and sit at home all day. Mothers, in fact, do much of that (except sitting at home - I rarely get a moment to sit), but they also teach, serve, lead, go on great adventures, have jobs(!), travel the world, and are involved in politics. Sometimes I wonder why we idolize the working career so much. In truth, there is a lot of worldly praise, accomplishment, and talent achieving aspects to it. It's also mundane, unsatisfying, and demanding of our time with which we'd rather be with our families or out being free. Each parent sacrifices something by the role they choose, either home or work, or trying to do both. My husband and I would love to trade places sometimes, but we both also love what we do. He works 80 hours a week, I am a mother at home with my children and I also do freelance work. We have a daughter and a son, and they will both learn to cook, iron, clean, use a hammer, play sports, play instruments, and will be encouraged to pursue higher education, just as their parents have done. I hope that the Church articles can encourage both boys and girls to do great things, to get an education, to understand that both will be parents and with that comes responsibilities. What we become is for us. It is also for our children and the people that we serve. Our talents do contribute greatly to our own self image, as well as the bettering and helping of others. I think Elder Christofferson's comments about what attributes women should obtain was excellent, quoted from a talk Sister Nadauld gave. In the Gospel there are commandments and guideposts - I think it's awesome to say that we should be people of faith. Joseph Smith said,"I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves." There are many teachings in the Church, already in place, that support the idea that women and men should better themselves, prepare to become parents who can provide for their children spiritually and physically. It has long been taught in our church that women SHOULD get an education and use it. Brigham Young said “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” This man was our second prophet who obviously understood that educating a woman, especially where women were more likely to be at home with the children in his day than now, was extremely important. If you don't become a mother for whatever reason, the attributes you have developed that would make a great mother will also make a great leader, friend, innovator, etc. One great woman I know, Ardeth Kapp (former General YW President) was never able to have children, but she has greatly served the women in and out of the Church with her talents. She has attributes that are the same as many mother, without having had her own children, and she has accomplished a lot and helped many others do so as well. An individual article will not always contain everything that we hope it to. As leaders and parents, we can teach our kids the additional information we hope they will take to heart.
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Jan 27, 2015