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Fine, it is to manufacturer to bring affordable product on market like Tesla model 3 at $34K, no reason to use public money to buy an expensive Model S, with or without subsidies buyers can afford it anyway.
Good science but versus a lithium ion battery, saving is gained on replacing Li cation for Na cation, cost wise gain is minimal and as energy density is around half of a typical 18650 Li-Ion were is the gain ????
Not surprising, Umicore was not pushing hard on LFP especially for transportation market in their presentation vs metal oxide (NMC, ...). All big names are using NMC or NCA (Daimler, GM, VW, Renault, BMW, LG, Samsung, Tesla ...).
Small company but they seem to have made an unbelievable deal with Litarion acquisition at no cost (1M euros cash but Evonik let around 7ME in bank to operate).
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Jan 29, 2015