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Oops... meant to write 1979.
In 1975, my then husband, bought me a Cuisinart food processor. It was the best gift he ever gave me and one of my favorite gifts of my entire life. I had a Christmas cocktail party for his office... and with a 18 month old by my side, prepared all the food. Including a Victorian ginger bread house that had blue mint candy melted in all the windows that looked like glass ( it was on the cover of a cooking magazine at the time...)and oysters rockefeller for 50 people. Observing me hand chopping all that spinach is what inspired the purchase. I was 24 then. I'm 60 now and I just replaced that food processor 4 years ago. It was such a great party, with one regret. My son, who was very verbal, very early on, walked up to anyone who was approaching the dessert table with the gingerbread house and said, "Don't touch the house, just don't touch the house"... in about 5 different tonal variations. Oh.. what was I thinking?
Sorry about the loss of your friend. Be well.
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