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"[U]ntil now, no university press has been willing and/or able to critically peer-review and publish meaningful research projects that are “born-digital.” As a not-so-minor historical quibble, the University of Virginia Press has in fact been doing this since 2004, in its Rotunda imprint (, whose startup was initially funded by Mellon and UVA. Principal investigator of its original grant proposal was John Unsworth, and he envisioned the Electronic Imprint (as it was then called) to be a peer-reviewed repository for projects much like those being housed at his Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. For reasons to do largely with the library market and economies of scale, in recent years Rotunda has de-emphasized the acquisition of standalone born-digital DH-like projects and been focusing on our larger aggregrations of content, several of which derive all or part of their content from letterpress editions. But it does grate a bit to see assertions (and you're not alone in this) that Stanford UP is the first university press to explore this terrain. That said, Stanford is moving into a niche that UVA Press is moving out of, so in terms of the ecology of scholarly publishing it's good to have a new and cutting-edge initiative in place.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2015 on The Digital Pilot at Stanford University Press Blog
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Feb 13, 2015