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Happily married, mom of 3 and grandmama of 2.
Interests: Love quilting, embroidery, sewing, handwork, numerous crafts and cooking.
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Happy anniversary! I love the pics of both of you when you were younger and now. A beautiful and ever deepening love. So happy for you both. I feel the same way about Mortons. It would be one thing to pay that price if you just oohed and aahed over every bite. But that's never happened to us there. I got so excited when I saw the Rosamunde Pilcher book in one of your pics. And Coming Home is at the top of my fave list along with Winter Solstice. Amelia has great taste in books. She chose well for you. Only thing is you're going to find yourself craving tea, scones, cake, and petite sandwiches. Enjoy!
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When one of my sons was 4 yrs. old he always wanted to dress himself before going off to preschool. But this mommy had to also get to work on time. So sometimes I would just do his shoes myself so we could get moving faster. When I'd open his car door at his school, his shoes would be on the floor. There were so many little squirmishes in our battle of wills. He also went through a period when he wanted the same lunch everyday, and when I packed something different, it would come back home barely touched. Sigh!! I know these examples don't seem to have the heft of a full blown meltdown in a grocery store at the end of the day (there were those, too). But perspective has taught me that strong willed children have their perks when they are in their teens and into adulthood. We never had to motivate him to do well in school, choose good friends, plan for college, etc. The key to raising a strong willed child (any child, IMHO) so that their strong will is used for good for themselves and others is the life you model for them every single day in all the small and seemingly insignificant ways. Like apologizing when your wrong, like being honest in the little things, like caring about others around you. I would say, Andy and yourself have this in spades. Our son is 35 yrs. old now and married to a wonderful woman, they are 2 peas in a pod! Nowadays when I happen to be near a mom whose child is having a meltdown, I always let her know that there's no judgement on my part. I know what it's like to be responsible for an alien creature.
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Hi Alicia, I was going to mention the movie, "Miss Potter" with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor but I noticed someone else already suggested it. When I saw that movie, I went out and purchased a set of Beatrix Potters books. My grandson was only 1 at the time, so I just read them and enjoyed them myself. I recently moved and came across the set while trying to pack everything up. So I set it aside to remember to read the stories with my granddaughter. I really love the new crocheted blanket and will begin one as soon as I can decide on the colors. Thanks for all the crafty inspiration you share with us.
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I love the pic of Amelia with her little basket in hand. Just like her mommy's basket. My 3 children are all in their 30's and I remember not knowing what to do with myself when they all began school. Having time to myself was such a rarity. Every time I see your pics of all of Mimi's milestones, it leaves me feeling so nostalgic and how quickly those days went by. I can't wait for this years birthday party for your girl. The cake, the food and decorations. Her birthday dress and of course, the presents! Thanks for sharing.
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To all who loved the party plates. I found this site on etsy with the same plates and some other great vintagey looking plates, cups, and napkins. Going back to order some for an upcoming special event. So lovely! Here's the link:
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2015 on Party Girl at Posie Gets Cozy
Happy Birthday Amelia! I've been anticipating Amelia's 3rd birthday so much. Someone else mentioned how they went back and read about the beginning of your little family and it made me smile. This past weekend after I read "pre-party prettying" I could hardly wait to see the pics of the party. So I went back and looked through all the beautiful pics of parties past. All of it so beautiful! So heart warming! Looking forward to so many more to come! P.S. Would also love to know where the paper plates and wooden forks come from. Thanks!
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2015 on Party Girl at Posie Gets Cozy
So beautiful! I've been anticipating all the treats that would accompany Amelia's birthday. Her dress, the homemade gifts, the cake and the food. She'll love, love, love her quilt. Something she can hold close and experience your love and comfort even when she's grown and has a family of her own.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2015 on A Birthday Quilt for My Girl at Posie Gets Cozy
Read this post and your comments about troublesome zippers and immediately thought of some Craftsy classes that I had taken a while back. They revolutionized my zippers installments. Zippers are no longer intimidating to me. There's a free mini class called "Mastering Zipper Techniques", by Sunni Standing. But the classes that I purchased that had so many great technique tips (zippers included) were "The Couture Dress" by Susan Khalje, classes by Linda Lee and a class called "40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know" by Gail Yellen. Gail Yellen suggests using a product called "Wonder Tape" (love this product - have used it for more than just zipper installation. Anything tricky that might take a lot of pins, but pins are part of the problem as they distort the whole area that you're working on). Wonder tape is a double-sided tape with a very fine adhesive web. This works great for me. Use it in clothes, totes, cosmetic bags, etc. The Couture Dress by Susan Khalje shows how she does zippers by hand (this is no problem for me because I love hand work). Before these classes I tended to shy away from garments with zippers. But so hard to go thru life not sewing anything with zippers in them. Before purchasing any of these classes I thought I don't wear dresses in these styles but am so glad that I did because as they work thru each step of producing these garments they end up doing so many techniques that I've been able to apply to the garments that I do choose to make. So glad I found these classes. Anyway that's my 2 cents on zippers. The little dresses were beautiful! They so remind me of when my daughter was about 2 yrs. old and my grandmother (a prolific sewer, knitter, crocheter, cook, etc. etc.)made her a whole wardrobe that year of dresses with pinafore aprons. All of them could be mixed and matched. I just loved them. They're so nostalgic to me.
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I just discovered your beautiful blog at the end of last year. It has been like blog crack for me. I got hooked with just one hit and I'm back everyday for more. Sorry to liken your blog to drugs but it's become addicting. I so enjoy all your nature pics. Your artistic eye helps me see things in a way that I wouldn't have. Beauty all around! Both outside and snuggling under blankets with bunnies!
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