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Will Hoffman
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I've been considering the need for ultra-wide in lanscape photography—I've got a Nikon 18-35mm 3.5-4.5 which might as well be glued to the end of my camera when I'm photographing nature. Searching through 500px I see that most photos which aren't heavily distorted are verticals which include a lot of sky, mostly at night. Or vistas with very little foreground. Any images with near objects have the bizarre effect of looking down and simultaneously looking out. Thanks but I'll save my money for other psychotropic drugs.
The alarming fellow looks like a forsythia.
Toggle Commented May 15, 2016 on Open Mike: That's Proof at The Online Photographer
This seems like a image where you forced the camera's aspect ratio onto a subject that doesn't call for it. But it's growing on me because the large amount of empty black space below makes it seem like he's hovering on a magic carpet.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2015 on Random Snap at The Online Photographer
I'd buy a square format digital TLR style camera. Or a mirror-less slr with a top mounted screen for waist level shooting which could be hinged so that you could tilt it down for eye level. It could use m/43 lenses which would be small enough to not make it two bulky.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2015 on The Last (?) Rolleiflex at The Online Photographer
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Feb 19, 2015