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Robin Jeffries
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I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that the function that has the above mentioned code was wrapped inside a foreach().
It's a windows only solution, and it's basically the same task as StephenL described. I just added a "bar" argument to my overarching function so i could decide if I wanted to monitor the bars or not (yes for testing on my machine, no for submitting on a cluster) if(bar==TRUE){ pb <- winProgressBar(title = "Initializing", min = 0,max = L, width = 300)} for (l in 1:L){ ... stuff... if(bar==TRUE){ setWinProgressBar(pb, l, title=paste(mod, " Iteration:", round(l/L*100, 0), "% done"))} if(bar==TRUE){close(pb)}
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Feb 25, 2015